My Article Read (6-14-2015)


Overwhelmed By News


  1. Hopelessly cute kitten pictures: a new page

  2. Habits Dictate Success or Failure

  3. If You Can’t Say Something Nice, Zip It!

  4. Six word Saturday

  5. God is bountiful

  6. To be a practicing Muslimah

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. Suspect In Dallas Rampage Killed By Police Sharpshooter….

  9. BREAKING OVERNIGHT – Armored Van With Gun Ports Opens Fire On Dallas Police… (Intense Video)

  10. Germander Speedwell

  11. If Yahweh is for us . . .

  12. He who finds a wife . . .

  13. Wisdom from above . . .

  14. Love According to God-Part Two

  15. Just a Thought

  16. Back to the Garden Again!

  17. Just a Thought

  18. There can be Miracles, When We Believe

  19. Quote Of The Day — June 14, 2015

  20. Defense Official Warns About 2010 DoD Directive

  21. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Free Roses

  22. OK Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

  23. More than Climate Change to Worry about

  24. Thought for Today – Saturday, June 13, 2015

  25. The Good and Faithful Servant

  26. New Atheist vows to not sleep until everyone on the internet knows he is an obnoxious blowhard

  27. Do you need an attitude adjustment?

  28. 5 Ways To Turn Around A Negative Attitude

  29. “Need Hay Cut”

  30. Happy Caturday

  31. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  32. Solution Saturday: My Head Hurts

  33. King v. Burwell Pits Rule Of Law Against Rule By Decree

  34. BAM! Bristol Palin takes down Miley Cyrus for latest ugly remarks against Christians

  35. A funny thing happened on ‘White Appreciation Day’ . . .

  36. Sharpton says ‘race is not a determining factor’ in NAACP fake black leader scandal – since when, Al?

  37. Say What?

  38. So Sorry

  39. Nuggets – Appreciating God’s Creation

  40. “Broadway’s Brilliant Season: A Bummer crop at this year’s Tonys” By: Richard Zoglin

  41. American Killed Battling ISIS Motivated by Faith

  42. what does today’s watchman do?

  43. Fire in the Bridal Chamber – SoS Saturday

  44. 1500-1680s

  45. Florida Sunset by Lufti Shedraway

  46. Standards

  47. Revelation 4:8

  48. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.14.15

  49. If you want God to handle your enemies stop the GLOATING!

  50. King Solomon, Chicago Blackhawks, Chasing the Puck 

  51. (Video) This anti-Hillary ad from the Rick Perry campaign is… “different.”

  52. Tweet of the Day: Contrasting AP coverage of Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina…

  53. Dirty Demos Update: Demo aide pleads guilty to sending fake emails that derailed California House GOP candidate…

  54. I’m calling B/S on this:

  55. My Favourite Novel.

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