My Article Read (6-12-2015)


Monkey, Newspaper1


  1. “Oh, Did You Think The Lesson Was Over?” — Journal entry

  2. 100 Writing Prompts Challenge — Day Forty-two: Boot

  3. SHOWCASE — Breath of Freshness

  4. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #4

  5. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.11.15

  6. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  7. Shocker ! – Dallas Reporter Investigating The “Dime Girls” and “Twinzz Promotions” and “Make It Clap” Parties…

  8. If You Have Kids, Share This Video With Them

  9. Do The Right Thing? Cleaning Up the Mess in McKinney

  10. Curiousor: 18-Year-Old Arrested At “Pool Party” Gave False Name and Identity To Police and Media….

  11. House Set To Vote On Fast Track Trade Authority Tomorrow…

  12. Tilting at Windmills

  13. A House Divided

  14. He Transforms Our Hungers

  15. Quote Of The Day — June 12, 2015

  16. Baltimore – Mosby’s Role Exposed

  17. See How Easy it is to Drug a Girl’s Drink


  19. When

  20. What Have You Got There?

  21. Buttercup’s End

  22. I VOTED (Little “thumbs up” icon)

  23. Baltimore prosecutor stalks out on Fox reporter; ‘too embarrassed to field the hard questions’

  24. 4-year-old’s precious headstone removed without family’s consent after complaints it didn’t fit cemetery

  25. Fed-up Charlie Daniels confronts Obama in scathing open letter

  26. I see exhausted people

  27. Since atheists aren’t known for bombing or highjacking airplanes, should they wait in exhausting TSA airport security check lines?

  28. Baltimore Cops Say They’re Doing Less Out of Fear

  29. Is Obama trying to sway SCOTUS?

  30. 60% of children rescued from sex trafficking were reportedly in the foster care system

  31. Jon Stewart SHREDS, FLAYS, SAVAGES, EVISCERATES, GOES NUTS and MOCKS the NYT over its Rubio coverage

  32. His Comment Has Irritated Me for Months

  33. Are you keeping bad Company?

  34. Daily Devotion-June 11, 2015-Back to James!

  35. Sin Remover

  36. Happy Anniversary

  37. Go Fund Me

  38. a smile

  39. How to Plan the Perfect Picnic!

  40. Quote of the Day: 4/16/15

  41. Encourager

  42. Nuggets – Apostasy and Prosperity

  43. Hard Lessons

  44. VIVID

  45. Message of peace

  46. Say it after me: “Guns save lives”

  47. Clinton campaign event bumps a children’s playground event

  48. Don’t fear!

  49. The Art of Blogging

  50. In due season . . .

  51. The problem with being a virgin….!!!

  52. GOPe strikes back; Kills Iowa straw poll…

  53. Army war hero whistle-blower who talked to Congress says Army trying to court marshal him…

  54. Society has gone nuts.

  55. The great wind farm scam:

  56. Caption wanted:

  57. Jealousy changes You and everyone around You!

  58. Is it right to sell God’s prophetic Words?

  59. Texas Firefighter Responds to Call…and Saves his Own Family

  60. Texas Firefighter Responds to Call…and Saves his Own Family

  61. Watch What This Cowboy Does When He Sees An Entitled Thug Wearing Sagging Pants…

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