My Article Read (6-11-2015)


Monkey, Newspaper


  1. Factoring Obama

  2. Whatever Your Problem…

  3. How Can It Be?

  4. #BeWoW — It’s Okay To Be You

  5. Miles To Go, Promises To Keep #3

  6. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  7. Baltimore PD Email Surfaces Showing Marilyn Mosby Asked Police To Target Exact Location Where Freddie Gray Was Apprehended…

  8. McKinney Pool Party Organizer, Tatyana Rhodes, Lawyers Up – Likely Trying To Avoid Civil Liability….

  9. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.10.15

  10. The word of Yahweh is Living and powerful!

  11. It’s a Problem of Resources

  12. Healthy Eating Challenge

  13. My Greater Mission

  14. Eventually Something Will Give

  15. Misumena vatia (It’s Spiders!)

  16. Daily Devotion-June 10, 2015-All Things

  17. Wednesday’s Words

  18. Quote Of The Day — June 11, 2015

  19. Denver Home Destroyed by SWAT Team Tactics

  20. Pastor Jarvis to Al Sharpton: “You’re Nothing But a Pimp!”

  21. United Nations- Agenda 21 In Motion. Part 2

  22. The Days of Youth

  23. 7 Ways to Find Extraordinary Connections

  24. HE LIFTS US UP: “A Short-Cut to the Future”

  25. What a life on this side of Heaven!

  26. Faith Child – Father’s tools of trade

  27. ‘You’re out of here, son!’ Fox host cuts off heated interview after being accused of lying

  28. Hillary Broke Libya

  29. Deja Vu All Over Again: 1968 Edition

  30. All Christians Must Rejoice: The Bible Predicts Victory And Now Experts Agree That The Attacks Against Christian Values In America Will Cause A Major Massive Pro-Christian Demographic Shift Looming In 2016 Presidential Election

  31. How is your comfort zone?

  32. Dauin: Muck Diving with the Clowns

  33. Renew Our Strength

  34. The Gifts of The Holy Spirit

  35. It’s a dog’s life

  36. ISIS: Is Barack Obama merely “incompetent,” or malevolently so?

  37. Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 10,11 & 12 ~ Relaxin, Reflectin & Coffin!!

  38. Self-Care is Survival

  39. Lifelong Learning

  40. An Amazing, Precious Promise

  41. Side Trip To Virginia

  42. Celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary!

  43. Diet Tip

  44. Lawlessness — reblog from Dehavelle.Com

  45. The Journey

  46. I find these two events chilling…

  47. New RNC Anti-Hillary Video: Wrong For America

  48. Sometimes Feeding Smells

  49. No, it damn well isn’t.

  50. Interview with the Mom Whose Kids Were Taken Away After Son was Seen Playing Alone in Yard

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