My Article Read (6-8-2015)


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  1. Men of Issachar

  2. States are taking the lead on justice reform

  3. Thoughts on Darkness, Forgiveness and Love

  4. Quote of the Day — Kesavan Nair

  5. #RedefiningDisability Awareness Challenge — Week Two

  6. Randomness #2

  7. HE LIFTS US UP: FEAR… God Heals and Delivers ( 2 Timothy 1:7)

  8. Tree of Knowledge

  9. Rosa’s Secret

  10. Want to Stop Being Foolish and Grow Wise?

  11. You Want Excellence But Others Don’t

  12. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  13. Even Souza’s Not Perfect…

  14. Erdogan’s Bid To Recreate The Ottoman Empire Suffers A Devastating Defeat…. Maybe!

  15. Elaborate New York Prison Escape – Concrete Drills, Power Tools, Steel Steam Pipe Cutting….

  16. I’m Just Keeping the Faith

  17. Monday Funday

  18. 9 Tips to Make Monday Your Favorite Day of the Week

  19. Is there a Hell?

  20. I sometimes wish I was still an atheist

  21. Inspiration from Grandma Moses

  22. OOTD : All Day Outfit

  23. Did Hillary Clinton buy the New York Times endorsement in 2008 for $100,000

  24. Hear God’s Voice (resources)

  25. Monday Funnies – With MAXINE

  26. Mr. Smith Has Left The Building

  27. Writtten & Sung

  28. The Night

  29. Syed Mushtaq Hussein

  30. Buying a New Home in Southern California

  31. Drops in the Ocean

  32. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.8.15

  33. Jo’s Monday walk : a surprise, at Estoi

  34. Pressure

  35. Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

  36. Quote Of The Day — June 8, 2015

  37. NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : “The Man Of The Cloth” Strikes Again.

  38. School Bus Driver Thwarts Shooters’ Plans to Kill Students

  39. Predator Picks the Wrong Woman to Cop a Feel

  40. What Good Have Obama’s “Czars” Been? Or, More From The “Trust Us” Brothers

  41. World Oceans Day!

  42. Yahweh is NOT slack!

  43. Know the Author (God)

  44. Daily Devotion-June 8, 2015-Love Does Not Rejoice In Sin

  45. It’s Monday…

  46. TSA failed to identify 73 airport workers “linked to terrorism.”

  47. Stupid Alert: It was SILLY to be afraid of al-Qaeda, says Amanda Marcotte

  48. ONLY ONE will ultimately shine

  49. Dream of Unity

  50. A Vision Must See Thru a LOT!

  51. What is Black Privilege?

  52. Brit dhimmitude

  53. Idiot socialism:

  54. Islamists hammered in Turkish poll

  55. Stop Endorsing and Supporting Witches!

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