My Article Read (6-6-2015)


Coffee, Glasses, Newspaper


  1. Politics and Religion

  2. It is Time to Walk into that which You were Born to do!

  3. Can America Experience Revival?

  4. Come and See!

  5. The Lord speaks to America

  6. I shall cause a violent shaking in My house

  7. Dare to be different from the world!

  8. Can’t find a Home Church?  Turn your Home into a Church!

  9. Caitlyn Jenner

  10. Taking a Mental Day off

  11. A-to-Z Challenge Blog Blitz — Day Five

  12. SHOWCASE — Poetry On A Roll

  13. Be a Proud Tourist with Our CityPASS Giveaway

  14. School is out; please drive carefully

  15. Happy Caturday

  16. Find the cat hiding in the kitchen!

  17. Bedroom Talk

  18. Blessing Upon My Readers

  19. The Moon is Far Away

  20. Ancient bones of gigantic shark found near Fort Worth, Texas

  21. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  22. Baltimore Update: Judge Orders Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby To Respond To Defense Motions By June 26…

  23. ‘Merica !! Making a Difference…

  24. The New York Times Uses Hillary PAC To Supply Opposition Research For Ridiculous Story About Marco Rubio and Four Traffic Tickets…

  25. Wednesday’s Words

  26. Sagrada Familia: The Colorful Forest of Columns

  27. S.B.R. with Fizz (serious botanical research)

  28. The Mud Eaters

  29. Common or Garden Sorrel

  30. Quote Of The Day — June 6, 2015

  31. Call ME Guilty.

  32. Now About That SHRINKING Ice Field…..

  33. Baltimore is Paying the Price for Scapegoating the Police

  34. Vivid

  35. Just a Thought

  36. Love According to God-Part One

  37. An Atheist Academic Lays Down

  38. Good Lord. The @NYTimes must be terrified of Marco Rubio

  39. D-day: storming the castle

  40. Amazing Rides!

  41. The Start of Something New

  42. the martyrs: slain for the word of God

  43. How To Talk About Your Religious Beliefs (And Not Be A Total A-Hole)

  44. As we honor the heroes of D-Day

  45. This makes my day, every time I see it

  46. Live according to the Spirit!

  47. Ronald Reagan’s 40th anniversary D-Day speech: the boys of Pointe du Hoc

  48. #Authors – How to Design Infographics and Use Them to Increase Blog Traffic…

  49. A Difference

  50. 9 Benefits of giving another blogger or writer a ‘virtual hug’ #tweethugs #writers #bloggers

  51. Broken… But Just Believe

  52. Daily Editorial Cartoon 6.6.15

  53. Six word Saturday

  54. How To Pray More Now When Doubt Increases

  55. River Cruise in New Washington, Aklan

  56. Tibiao, Antique: Eco-Adventure Capital of Western Visayas

  57. Severely beaten black man heartbroken; cries over FUTILITY of trying to help ‘his people’

  58. A poem that I dedicate to myself


  60. I Wasn’t Ready


  62. Rest easy, America. You can now spit in Minneapolis…

  63. Beau Biden’s funeral hijacked by Obama, Joe Biden, and the Clintons…

  64. Gloriavale: Why the witch-hunt?

  65. Flowers

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