My Article Read (5-31-2015)


Girls, Newspaper


  1. First Waco “Twin Peaks” Wrongful Arrest Lawsuit Filed

  2. Possible Colorado Sniper – Cyclist Killed, Motorist Shot In Neck, 9 Incidents In Past Month…

  3. Baltimore Sets Record – 40th Shooting Homicide, 100 Shootings In May….

  4. Vice-President Joe Biden’s Son, Beau Biden, Dies From Brain Cancer…

  5. Does medium matter to success?

  6. Speak loudly and carry a big threat

  7. Weekend off

  8. Generate More Home Revenue

  9. Images to Inspire

  10. Why Do Some Many Lose Their Spectacular?

  11. Inspiration

  12. 9 Sources Of Inspiration For Highly Successful People

  13. 100 Writing Prompts Challenge — Day Thirty: Crush

  14. Inspirational Sunday Prompt #8

  15. The Memory of You — Poetry

  16. Poetry Slam Spotlight — Libby Rooney

  17. Featured Photographer: Stefan Follows

  18. Making A Home-De-clutter

  19. He’s Trying To Change The Custody Arrangement

  20. A Taste Of Fun

  21. Good News continues to advance

  22. It’s Just Depression

  23. I have NOT seen the righteous forsaken!

  24. Big Changes for Bucket List Publications

  25. A Message to Someone Who is Hurting

  26. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.31.15

  27. Redirect

  28. Brooklime. Edible Speedwell?

  29. Quote Of The Day — May 31, 2015

  30. K-9 saves Hancock County, Mississippi deputy from ambush attack

  31. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Meet MoH Recipient Kyle Carpenter

  32. “Know Thy Enemy”

  33. VSU Flag Stomper Eric Sheppard Apprehended in Tampa

  34. O.K., Folks. It’s SUNDAY !!!

  35. We are The Clay

  36. Housekeeping

  37. Just a Thought

  38. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  39. King Solomon on Activists

  40. Scrambled Brains or Something

  41. The Magnificent Seven. Post 2 of 2

  42. Prayers for Beau Biden. May he rest in peace…

  43. Tweet of the Day: Dem candidates keep talking about how things have gotten worse over past seven years.

  44. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley: “presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth by you between two royal families.”

  45. The End is Near .. Peapods in the Pigpen

  46. Who else could benefit from this kind of program?

  47. ‘The Ferguson Effect isn’t a bug,

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