My Article Read (5-29-2015)


Dog, Newspaper5


  1. America: What More Can God Do?

  2. America: I AM turning up the Heat!

  3. If YOU love others as God loves you…

  4. Happenings at The Rattling Bones in June

  5. Daily Meditation

  6. Quote of the Day — Gaylord Nelson

  7. Eventually You Just Have to Do…

  8. You Have The Power of Choice



  11. Face off

  12. Happy birthday, Julia

  13. Militants unhappy recruit got ‘Ariel’ on ‘Which Disney Princess Are You?’ quiz

  14. The Power of The Holy Spirit

  15. Fountain of Life

  16. To Make An Effort For America. Pt. 2

  17. Robert F. Kennedy and having compassion for one another.

  18. Real love—–

  19. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.29.15

  20. Quote Of The Day — May 29, 2015

  21. The Unsung Heroes of War

  22. Sodomite Says Churches Should be Forced to Remove Homosexuality from the Sin List

  23. Obama, Power Mad And Congress Out to Lunch

  24. Delusional, Or WHAT ???

  25. Castrating Cops

  26. Texas Moves Against Sharia Law

  27. Vittoriano, Altar of the Fatherland

  28. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  29. First 100 Days: Can The Next President Really Cut the Size of Government?

  30. Wow ! Carly Fiorina Absolutely NAILS Her Response About Dealing With ISIS….

  31. Manhunt Underway For Suspect Who Shot Oklahoma State Trooper Shot In Head – Critical Condition…

  32. BREAKING: U.S. Marshals Capture Eric Sheppard, Valdosta University Flag Stomper – Arrested In Tampa Florida…

  33. We resemble that remark…

  34. Does He Even Have a Name?

  35. Scared Straight?

  36. Daily Devotion-May 29, 2015-Love Is Kind

  37. Just a Thought

  38. Healthy Eating Cost Savings Tips

  39. Bernie Sanders ‘Just say no to the deodorant aisle’

  40. Wednesday’s Words

  41. Our Flesh” who’s in charge of it?

  42. Man’s Plans

  43. 12 Ways to Make the Most of Opportunities

  44. “The way” is not ‘a way’

  45. Soccer Scandal

  46. Rev. Manning calling out Al Sharpton

  47. Made For Spirituality

  48. Women and Harley’s and Power and War

  49. Move over, Nicolas Cage; Hillary Clinton is the real “Lord of War.”

  50. They shall become one flesh!

  51. The Falling Dream-With A Twist

  52. Flashback Video: 20-year-old Barack Obama talks about being schooled by communist Frank Marshall Davis…

  53. ‘The Land of Heroes’

  54. Good luck, jihadi scumbags..

  55. Astonishing Testimonies from Niger: What the Enemy Intended for Evil, God is Using for Good

  56. Was Jesus resurrected?


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