My Article Read (5-26-2015) (5-27-2015)


Dog, Newspaper3


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. To the Dutch, Americans Were Liberators…

  3. Wimberley Texas Devastated – 12 People Missing, Including Families, In Massive Texas Flood…

  4. Memorial Day 2015

  5. Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – Bulk Probable Cause Affidavit – Issued By Justice Of The Peace: Walter Pete Peterson

  6. Monday Funnies with AUNTY ACID…

  7. Let’s celebrate our heroes for Memorial Day

  8. A friend from Ireland reports on their referendum on same-sex marriage

  9. Navy SEAL Michael Murphy awarded Medal of Honor

  10. How Sal Giunta earned a Medal of Honor and lived to tell about it

  11. What can Christians learn from Rob Miller’s Medal of Honor story?

  12. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.25.15

  13. “Taps”

  14. Happy Memorial Day

  15. The Thieves (Abusers) and Their Victims

  16. Jo’s Monday walk : Podziemia

  17. Daily Devotion-May 25, 2015-Love is # 1 Continued

  18. Just a Thought

  19. Lots of luck, kids — you’re going to need it

  20. Monochrome Monday: Roman Forum

  21. Quote Of The Day — May 26, 2015

  22. A President who shed tears over our troops (hint: NOT Barack Obama)

  23. 228,000 Flags Planted for Memorial Day – Time Lapse Video

  24. Memorial Day – A Time of Remembrance

  25. New Tory Legislation Will Force Deportation of Foreign Criminals

  26. Dems finally wake up to embarrassing Memorial Day pics — PATHETIC doesn’t cover it

  27. Consulted

  28. Memorial Day 2015

  29. In memoriam

  30. A hero’s welcome

  31. Preserve Purity

  32. Thoughts: Memorial Day

  33. TPP explained: video

  34. HE LIFTS US UP: Chop…Chop…Chop! ~ A Vision of Abuse

  35. Nuggets – Nests in the Ark


  37. Why I Served

  38. This World War II Soldier’s Story Reminds Us of Why Memorial Day Matters

  39. (Video) National Popular Vote and the attack on the electoral college

  40. watchman’s 3 am discourse : So let’s stop condemning each other

  41. Summer Transition Home #1

  42. Things aren’t going well in Baltimore…

  43. Offended Sensitive Thin Skinned People are the Devil’s Product

  44. From Carol Kendall on Memorial Day

  45. Priorities

  46. America – denying and excluding God



  1. FLOWER ~~ (for The Rattling Bones)

  2. Government-Subsidized Third-Party Payer Is a Great Recipe to Make a Sector of the Economy More Expensive and Less Efficient

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. 21 Steps

  5. How The “#Black Lives Matter Crowd” Celebrates Memorial Day 2015…

  6. Just a Thought

  7. Daily Devotion-May 26, 2015-Love is # 1 Finished

  8. Can a Christian lose salvation?

  9. Can a Christian lose salvation? | altruistico.

  10. Left wing media eats its own, Media Watch on Fairfax

  11. Steps To Self-Acceptance

  12. Your Body Is Your Temple?

  13. 9 Ways to Love Yourself

  14. My first ever book review “The walking wounded” by Secret Angel

  15. Dreams of our Futures

  16. Thank God

  17. Due Process of Law, #1: Can a Law be Unlawful?

  18. I am not ashamed of the gospel!

  19. Artful Post-processing

  20. The Conservative Counter-Culture

  21. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.27.15

  22. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.26.15

  23. Happy Birthday John Wayne

  24. Al-Quran and charity

  25. a grandma’s testimony

  26. Christians are not Perfect

  27. Symptoms Of An Evil Disease

  28. ⇧ Music “Once And For All” by Lauren Daigle

  29. I Don’t Belong Here

  30. Quote Of The Day — May 27, 2015

  31. Bob Woodward: Bush Didn’t Lie About Iraq & Obama Blew It in Iraq

  32. Baltimore PD Morale at All Time Low

  33. Debunking the Claim that “Palestinians” are the Indigenous People of Israel

  34. The Father Uses Broken Things

  35. 7 Ways to Give Negative Feedback to the Boss

  36. Baltimore mayor pummeled for playing cornhole ‘as bodies dropped’ during surge of weekend violence [photo]

  37. No small mistake: Obama’s embarrassing Memorial Day proclamation leaves many stunned

  38. Busted Boston professor hostile to white men and rape victims was charged with felony ID theft in 2008

  39. Black comedian’s tirade on Obama: ‘Black America would have done much better with a white president’

  40. Repent and it’s fruits that goes along with it

  41. Injury Update: A Matching Set

  42. Wild Bill: The number one reason morality is crashing in the USA is the shameful silence of Christians…

  43. The NZ Herald is peddling bullshit

  44. Elephant, Botswana

  45. The enemies among us:

  46. The Silence will be Golden!

  47. God is exposing

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