Uplifting Tuesday-Going Beyond The Call Of Duty


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Dozens Of Cops Attend Little League Game To Honor A Fallen Hero


Houston police Officer Richard Martin was killed in the line of duty while he was trying to stop a suspect leading a police chase.

“Officer Martin attempted to deploy spike strips to disable the vehicle. We have every belief to indicate to us that the suspect intentionally struck and killed Officer Martin,” Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland said.

However, the Houston Police Department is adamant about letting his son, 11-year-old Tyler Martin, know that his death was heroic.

“I want his son to know that his dad didn’t die in vain,” HPD Lt. Paul George told KHOU TV.

Cops often go above and beyond for civilians. This cop dresses as Superman to help at-risk children and sickly children, despite teasing from his co-workers.

When these cops showed up to a little league game, helicopter and all, they were definitely going beyond their duty to protect and serve.

“Good man, good officer and a good friend,” said Officer Mathew Slade, a friend and co-worker of Martin’s. “Always smiling. Always doing what he was supposed to do.”


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