My Article Read (5-25-2015)


Dog, Newspaper2


  1. Cleveland – 71 People Arrested During Riots Over Officer Michael Brelo Acquittal….

  2. Known But To God…

  3. Faith Based Leadership in Action – Alabama High School Class President Leads Prayer During Crisis…

  4. Every Year, A Lone Marine Holds Salute For Fallen Soldiers

  5. To the Veteran Who Held His Hand Up to Me and Whispered, ‘Please’

  6. Paying it Forward: Military Edition

  7. HE LIFTS US UP: Glory Come Down… Prayer for All

  8. Nuggets – Lifelong Love

  9. Give Till It Hurts

  10. Nuggets – How much are you worth?

  11. How Much?

  12. Smyrna, The suffering Church

  13. 6 Reasons Why Membership Matters

  14. Quote Of The Day — May 25, 2015

  15. Canada: Trudeau Finally Calls Khadr a “Terrorist”

  16. A Sunday Feel Good Story – A Special Thanks from an 11-Year-Old


  18. A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Colonoscopy

  19. Fascist gays bully Christian jeweler even though he did exactly what reasonable people should expect

  20. The soldier above all others prays for peace…

  21. I’m a Christian unless you’re a gay waiter or pollster then, meh, not so much

  22. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  23. Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

  24. Seducing My Soul

  25. How I Wrote 100 Posts and Got 3,100 Followers in 6 Months

  26. Just a Thought

  27. Just a Thought

  28. Just a Thought

  29. ‘Stop digging’: Politico reporter smacked down for ‘liberal gaslighting’ over Obama ice cream picture

  30. Breaking: Bomb squad detonates suspicious item near U.S. Capitol [video, photos]

  31. ‘Died so they could write their drivel’: Salon ‘idiots’ slam the military on eve of Memorial Day

  32. Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed | True Activist

  33. Sunday Funny!

  34. Joke of the (Sun)Day!

  35. Former Name of Memorial Day is Revealed by

  36. Just a thought.

  37. Best For Last

  38. The Magnificent Seven. Post 1 of 2

  39. Division

  40. Free Speech: I find your lack of faith disturbing, America.

  41. Serve others

  42. Nothing honors our fallen soldiers like taking pictures of Obama…

  43. Is this the best Memorial Day tribute?

  44. Memorial Day Video: Ronald Reagan A Soldiers Pledge: Listen, Learn, Remember

  45. My Testimony of Pentecost

  46. Virtually all Americans come together on Memorial Day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety.

  47. About those “moderate Muslims”….

  48. Memorial Day

  49. SHOWCASE — Dream Big, Dream Often

  50. Self-Acceptance vs Self-Improvement

  51. Memorial Day

  52. 7 Ways to Embolden the Timid

  53. Can a Christian lose salvation?


Note: 26, 27, 28, 36 have the same name but are different posts about different things.

On another note: I am behind on my “Article Read”. Most of my reads come in the email. One day I had over 200 emails with days of errands and doctor appointments. Bare with me while I try to catch up.

3 thoughts on “My Article Read (5-25-2015)

  1. Thanks for the nod and the pingback 🙂 much appreciated! Going to check out your other links listed here 😀

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