My Article Read (5-18-2015)


Children, Newspaper3


  1. Eye Witness Tells Investigators South Carolina Deputy Ambushed By Black Male Suspect….

  2. Beyoncé and Jay Z Posted Bail For Baltimore Rioters/Protesters, and Help Fund Traveling Grievance Community….

  3. Report: In Response To Iranian Nuclear Threat, Saudi Arabia Purchasing Nuclear Weapons From Pakistan…

  4. Texas Police Shot Bikers During Waco Gang Brawl That Left 9 dead, Police Say…

  5. Al Sharpton’s daughter is suing NYC over a sprained ankle, but that didn’t stop her from climbing a mountain in Bali

  6. Cop-killer mural update: Marquette University’s Assata Shakur tribute ‘is being removed immediately’

  7. WAR

  8. A Glimpse Into Something Bigger

  9. Dream Party

  10. Monday Funnies with MAXINE…

  11. Importance Of Enjoying Life

  12. We Decide

  13. Artsy Fartsy – Do you have Faith in Humanity? – Art Pieces by Banksy

  14. Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

  15. CTA Yellow Line to Skokie out of service indefinitely

  16. After Stephanopoulos, I am boycotting all the talking heads

  17. Work As It Should Be

  18. Forgiveness

  19. The Meek

  20. Stand still and consider!

  21. HE LIFTS US UP: Friends: I Am a Friend of God

  22. The GOD of Every Story

  23. Hippos, Elephants, Buffalo & More on the Kazinga Channel

  24. Rice Krispie Treats And Original Sin

  25. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.18.15

  26. Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 5 ~ Philipsburg, St Maarten

  27. Jo’s Monday walk : Peaceful Staithes

  28. Quote Of The Day — May 18, 2015

  29. Thought for Today – May 18, 2015

  30. Black Leader Dares To Ask, If All Whites Left The Country, How Would It Really Affect The Black Community?

  31. From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File for May 18 2015

  32. Voices In My Ear

  33. Reflections of A City on A Hill: A Poem of Faith

  34. Daily Devotion-May 18. 2015-No Love? You Might Not Be His

  35. Just a Thought

  36. Central Glory

  37. National discrimination day

  38. There is a lot of this going on

  39. Another Place, Another Time

  40. Not sorry enough for police dragging video: ‘Too freakin’ late, MSNBC . . . You want cops dead.’

  41. Liz Cheney has eye-opening question for Obama, Clinton; turnabout’s fair play

  42. Monday’s Mention

  43. Branco Cartoon – Journalism For Dummies

  44. California Democrat Mocks Native Americans

  45. Christian florist Barronelle Stutzman explains what it is like to face persecution

  46. (Video) Is the radical Left trying to take over the Democratic Party?

  47. Sleep easy: If Iran gets the Bomb, so will Saudi Arabia

  48. Open thread. What do you think about God?

  49. Mexican Food Therapy

  50. Injury Update

  51. Cokie Roberts is latest ABC News person to carry water for Hillary….

  52. The Daily Vertical: Is The Nemtsov Case Being Whitewashed?

  53. To understand Putin, read Orwell.

  54. Lawlessness

  55. Hats

  56. Random Thoughts:

  57. My Bucket List

  58. 7 Responses to Employee Complaints

  59. Four Things The Church Must Act Now On

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