My Article Read (5-17-2015)


Children, Newspaper2


  1. Judge Sets $35,000 Bond for Man Who Tried To Kill George Zimmerman – Judge Nelson Assigned As Trial Judge…

  2. Scott Walker Today – Face The Nation…

  3. ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and Clinton Foundation – Much More Than Just Financial Donations….

  4. Somewhat Odd Starbucks “Race Together Program” Tolerance Training Video(s) Released….

  5. Tornadoes Touch Down Across the Plains From Texas to Minnesota

  6. They Told Denzel “Don’t Say Jesus At Our School”, His Response Silenced Them All

  7. American soldiers kill ISIS commander, rescue slave. Yeah, we’re still the Good Guys.

  8. Like clockwork: in revenge for US raid, ISIS vows to kill Obama

  9. Versions of the Self is Now Available! #Kindle and Hard Copy

  10. George Stephanopolous was a member of the Clinton Global Initiative in 2010 and 2011

  11. Where Have All Of The Merry-Go-Rounds Gone?

  12. Scouts, swing dancers, Bob Dole greet veterans in D.C. for #ArmedForcesDay [photos, Vine]

  13. ‘Damage already done’: Backlash continues after MSNBC’s removal of ‘vile and disgusting’ video

  14. ‘Please keep us in your prayers’: San Diego PD officer shot, is reportedly in ‘stable’ condition

  15. ‘Massive’ Baltimore protest demands amnesty for all arrestees; Mayor says city ‘ready to exhale’

  16. BREAKING: #Ferguson Protest Leaders Paid $5,000 a Month to Disrupt & Instigate Violence

  17. Quote Of The Day — May 17, 2015

  18. O.K., Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

  19. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Nate Boyer

  20. How much would YOU pay to hear Hillary Clinton speak?

  21. Behind Every Riot — Fueled By Money?

  22. Fly Specks on the Debate Commission Table

  23. 3 am: HOLD FAST

  24. from now on: everyone is defined

  25. Renew Me

  26. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.17.15

  27. Prayer. So simple a child can do it…

  28. Leaning on Jesus – SoS Saturday

  29. Obama WH stiffs Armed Forces Day celebration, but vets turn out in force for their comrades!

  30. Kidnap victim grabs his gun after thugs threaten his wife — only one of them survives

  31. Jeg onsker dere alle, “GOD SYTTENDE MAI!”*

  32. MAN’S Words are like Graves, but My God’s words are TRUTH

  33. Just a Thought

  34. Obviously

  35. Finding True Strength

  36. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  37. A Sermon To Myself: Do Not Be Afraid

  38. Joyful ‘Toons – Hot Air Balloon

  39. Did Pope Francis call Mohammad Abbas an Angel of Peace?…

  40. Pope Francis & the MSM : Steven Kruiser gets it

  41. Al Sharpton’s daughter tries to shakedown NYC for $5 million over a sprained ankle…

  42. The Unveiling Continues as the Bride is Prepared

  43. Conrad and the Steam plant

  44. The war on Christianity:

  45. Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

  46. Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches

  47. 10 Ways to Discern Rather than Condemn


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