My Article Read (5-16-2015)


Children, Newspaper1


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. The First Church Of Convenience And Politically Correct Feel Good Services

  3. BB King 1925 – 2015

  4. Former CIA Head Mike Morell: Foreign Governments Have Everything From Hillary’s Non-Secure Email Servers…

  5. BREAKING – Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman, Matt Apperson, Arrested….

  6. South Carolina Deputy Ambushed, Shot Multiple Times – Recovering From Surgery…

  7. D’oh – Smartest President ‘Evah’ Botches Names Of Saudi Crown Princes In Painful Publicity….

  8. BREAKING: Muslim U.S. Congressman Busted Working With Terrorist Frontman

  9. HE LIFTS US UP: “Yo-Yo Love” and The Broken

  10. Coming Home – SoS Saturday

  11. Nuggets – The New Birth

  12. Obama at National Peace Officers’ Memorial: Country must ‘heal the rifts’ between police and communities

  13. Sheriff David Clarke: Obama ‘doesn’t believe a word he said’ at Officers’ Memorial

  14. ‘Classic case’: Larry Elder diagnoses real problem for ‘lefties’ calling for more Amtrak funding

  15. Free Time

  16. Fakation Friday

  17. Quote Of The Day — May 16, 2015

  18. Mychal Massie: Michelle Most Shameful First Lady in History

  19. Thank You Judge David F. Bauman

  20. The Intense Impact of Eight Simple Words

  21. Boston Bomber Sentenced to Death

  22. ANOTHER OFFICER SHOT DEAD: Deputy In Northwest Arkansas Killed By Burglar

  23. A Government That Breeds Contempt

  24. Sinister Injury


  26. Ed Show

  27. Faith… by the Leap

  28. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.16.15

  29. US Spec-Ops Troops Kill Major ISIS Leader & Capture His Evil Wife

  30. Six word Saturday

  31. My Son Did a Great Job at Airport Security. But This Guard Did Not.

  32. Faith That Works-Patience-James 5:7-11

  33. Just a Thought

  34. The arrogance of man….

  35. Actor James Woods has good reason to find Tsarnaev verdict ‘truly troubling’

  36. Female airman annihilates sexual harassment training in open letter: ‘You made me into a helpless whore’

  37. Geraldo: ABC fired me for $200 bucks, Stephanopoulos gets a pass?

  38. Drop Your Stones

  39. Vatican Museums: My Favorites

  40. Here’s one thing that is certain to destroy your spiritual growth

  41. Happy Caturday

  42. Happy Armed Forces Day

  43. This Story In Our Names: An African Narrative

  44. Justification by the Faith OF the Son of God – What His Love Does to the Heart!

  45. Lamestream Media Update: Check out the list of “Former Notable Clinton Foundation Members”

  46. On tolerance:

  47. Inspirational Runner Kayla Montgomery

  48. Easier Said Than Done

  49. Help Others To Help Yourself

  50. “I Saw an Army of Women!”

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