My Article Read (5-15-2015)


Children, Newspaper


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Jacksonville – Shots Fired At School Bus, Two Student’s Injured – Media ‘Thug Cloaking Device’ Activated…..

  3. Kentucky Sheriff on Police Shooting: Thank God He Shot A White Guy…

  4. Professional Conflict – ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Apologizes For Not Informing Viewers He Gave $50,000 To Hillary Clinton’s Foundation…

  5. Baltimore Schools: “Behind The Curtain”…

  6. HE LIFTS US UP: Guard Your Heart

  7. Joyful ‘Toons – Refreshment Station

  8. Nuggets – Haste Makes Waste

  9. Instapundit wants every journo covering the campaign to answer this question first

  10. Ted Cruz gets in on #LittleWhiteLiesITold trend with dig at Obama

  11. Secret Service blocks press from Hillary Clinton donor conference in super-shady looking location

  12. A Jim Geraghty exclusive! Hey, look who’s shaming George Stephanopoulos [photo]

  13. 3 Ambitions That Limits Freedom

  14. Updated employee handbook

  15. Some beautiful music for Ascension Day

  16. Birds of a feather

  17. Are Christians more concerned about social issues than they are about the poor?

  18. From Fast Food Crew to Marketing Manager, Web Designer weaves lives in the Desert

  19. Pierced For You

  20. Living Sacrifices

  21. The Lord is my Shepherd

  22. Quote Of The Day — May 15, 2015

  23. “Obama’s Legacy. Page One”.

  24. Escaped Parolee Shot by Homeowner

  25. Masked Gunmen Raid South Texas Home

  26. Rogue Mexican Police Firing on US Citizens

  27. The I.R.S. Done Been BITCHSLAPPED.

  28. A HUGE Thank- You.

  29. Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale National Park, Uganda

  30. Water Wise – 2 easy ways to reduce your water use (and save a few dollars too)

  31. About all those Americans losing their religion

  32. Selective first amendment

  33. BB King has left the stage

  34. HE LIFTS US UP: Sibling Rivalry…

  35. Breaking the Cycle

  36. Do We Have Idols?

  37. Jesus Was Narrow Minded And Intolerant

  38. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.15.15

  39. The King Has Passed , Long Live The King … RIP Riley B King

  40. Regard People

  41. GOP members take a stand against allowing illegals to enlist in US military as Hillary panders

  42. Quick to Hear . . . Slow to Speak!

  43. The Problem With Pain

  44. Blogger Award

  45. Around the Web This Week

  46. Daily Devotion-May 13, 2015-Laying Down Your Life

  47. The Real O’Neals: Is this what ABC thinks is funny?…

  48. Hillary Clinton trails generic Republican candidate in battleground states…

  49. When You Strip Away the Fear

  50. HUH?

  51. Now THAT is a good question

  52. I’m not holding my breath just yet

  53. Very Wet Yesterday UPDATE

  54. Prayer and Declarations for the U.S.A.

  55. Hold fast to ME, and believe!

  56. Darius Rucker Gives Veteran a free House 🙂

  57. How To Be A Better Person

  58. Ways To Be Charitable Without Donating $$$

  59. 7 Ways to Put In More Than You Take Out

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