My Article Read (5-14-2015)


Cat, Newspapers


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. First Arrests Made In Dundalk Near Death Beating – Baltimore County Brutal Attack on Richard Fletcher…

  3. Mark NeJame Relying On Anti-Zimmerman Sentiment To Keep State Attorney From Charging His Client….

  4. Strange Coincidence? Previous Train Hit By Projectile Moments Before Philadelphia Amtrak Train Crash…

  5. The Heavens Declare

  6. Nothing Can Separate Us From His Love

  7. King of Kings

  8. Taylorism, or “My Steam Engine is Broken”

  9. Amtrak, Frankford Jct, and the Laws of Physics

  10. ‘So. Much. Butthurt.’ WH awaiting apology from Sherrod Brown for suggesting Obama’s sexist

  11. Josh Earnest’s term for Senate Dems slamming door on Obama’s trade deal is priceless

  12. Reports: Amtrak train traveling over 100 mph before derailment (in a 50 mph zone)

  13. HE LIFTS US UP: We All Make Mistakes

  14. A Quarter Till Three

  15. Bible Lesson from a Fourth Grader

  16. Faith Child – Teach me to pray

  17. Nuggets – What Is His Name?

  18. Artificial Intelligence

  19. Women tells ex-boyfriend their baby was aborted so she could sell it to a gay man

  20. Obama: ‘We are going to have to change the way the media reports

  21. And… North Korea creatively executes another general

  22. Would Jesus sit in a bar, drinking beer, and watching basketball?

  23. Learning To Be A Better Parent

  24. Something’s Up

  25. 3 am revelation: YOU ARE NOT DEFINED BY WHAT YOU BUILD

  26. Dead Or Alive?

  27. Scarecrow in a Melon Patch

  28. Tied Up in Knots

  29. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.14.15

  30. Window gazing in Kraków

  31. Orphaned boy gives life, meaning to struggles

  32. Quote Of The Day — May 14, 2015

  33. Neighbors Catch Rapist in the Act. Then They Hand Out a Beating.

  34. House of Representatives Votes to Leash NSA

  35. NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : Amtrak Wreck: All Republicans Fault

  36. A Selah Moment

  37. If you have FAITH . . .

  38. Thursday’s Thanks

  39. Furious Megyn Kelly, Fox team SHRED Dems’ exploiting Amtrak crash; ‘Despicable’

  40. Judge sums up ‘under God’ ruling with brilliant explanation

  41. Tongues, what is speaking in tongues means?

  42. Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 4 ~ Road Town, Tortola

  43. Did Amtrak engineer Brandon Bostian have a seizure?…

  44. Amusing: Florida Demo congressman Alan Grayson gets asked about his offshore tax haven

  45. Report: ISIS Second In Command Killed By Air Strike…

  46. Religion and Politics

  47. How To Get Organized

  48. Cows and New Gates

  49. School Officials Tell Student to He Can’t Fly U.S. Flag on His Truck — See How Badly That Decision Backfired

  50. A Professor Has a Surprising Response to a Mom Whose Baby Starts Crying While He’s Teaching

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