My Article Read (5-11-2015) (5-12-2015)


Cat, Newspaper1


  1. Breaking Report – George Zimmerman Shot…

  2. Baltimore Mayor Names The Riot “Space” She Created A “Small Business Disaster Area”…

  3. CNN: Radical Islam Is A “Made-Up” Idea…

  4. Baltimore Murder Surge Continues – 10 People Shot Sunday, 3 More Dead – 50 Percent Increases in Shootings This Year…

  5. ‘Hollywood does hypocrisy like a boss’: Elites’ ‘sacrifice’ during Calif. drought surprises few

  6. ‘Wanna bet no one will die’? ‘Comedian’ launches Islamophobe drawing contest

  7. ‘Hell froze over!’ ThinkProgress busts Mark Halperin for ‘racist interview’ with Ted Cruz

  8. I Shall Not Be Moved

  9. God Lives In You

  10. Do the U.K. Election Results Matter to US?

  11. Truth Forever On The Scaffold

  12. Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 1 ~ London – Jamaica

  13. “Fixer Upper” host talks about her faith

  14. Watch God’s Word stop a bully

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: Praying Together


  17. Prayer for ChristianBlessings Commentators

  18. Nuggets – Paul’s Growth

  19. God Wants a Relationship With You Instead of Organized Religion

  20. Remember Who You Are

  21. Cephalgia vs Proctalgia

  22. Branco Cartoon – The Endgame

  23. Freddie Gray Case: Meet Prosecutor Mosby’s Lead Investigator

  24. Lindsey Graham to Announce Candidacy June 1st

  25. Quote Of The Day — May 11, 2015

  26. More Weapon Sales by Obama to Foreign Countries

  27. Transformer Explosion at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

  28. Meet Scumbag Sierra McCurdy

  29. The Natural Medicine Chest and First Aid Kit

  30. Hillary Clinton’s brothers – chips off the old block

  31. Monday’s Mention


  33. Prepared for the Gospel

  34. Love Was Won At Calvary

  35. Jo’s Monday walk : Barbakan and the City Walls

  36. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.11.15

  37. Whirlwind Adventures from Israel to Uganda

  38. Lies

  39. Wishing vs Praying

  40. Different Way To Consider The Ten Commandments

  41. Consider Your Ways

  42. Happy birthday, Fred

  43. Jochebed

  44. One of A Kind

  45. The Islamic State In America

  46. It’s Time For Action

  47. Scary: Obama Foundation claims, “eight years is only the beginning.”

  48. The Americans With No Abilities Act

  49. Just in, from the academic loony bubble:

  50. Stand against the spirit ravaging America!

  51. Forces of Nature, Take Two

  52. Forces of Nature

  53. Want to Be Happy?


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. A Community Activist, a Race-Baiter and a Straw Man walk into a bar….

  3. Arab Leaders Snub President Obama’s Arab Summit….

  4. Police Officer Cleared In Tony Robinson Shooting – Madison Wisconsin District Attorney Begs Grievance Advocates Not To Destroy The City…

  5. Transatlantic Sunset Tour: Day 3 ~ La Romana, Dominican Republic

  6. King Solomon, Deflategate Debate

  7. A positive thing, should the SCOTUS same-sex marriage goes against us

  8. Learning to Trust God for Your Provision

  9. Arriving in Kampala, Uganda with Africa Adventure Safaris

  10. “Music was better back then”: When do we stop keeping up with popular music?

  11. “Despair Dogs Me” or “A Tale of Two Hats”

  12. Que Sera Sera: 2016 and beyond

  13. This biker gang leader used to earn respect the hard way begged God to let him die but God had other plans

  14. Limitations

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: “Castaway”… Thoughts of Infidelity

  16. A Quarter Till Three

  17. A Rose In Her Hair

  18. 3 False Dichotomies That Limit Faith

  19. Ann Coulter rips Michelle Obama ‘letting her Rev. Wright out’; Libs ‘opened up a beast’ they can’t control

  20. Is Pam Geller really the issue? Atheist Bangladeshi blogger Ananta Bijoy Das ‘hacked to death’

  21. Five Beautiful Basilica in Rome

  22. Filipina warrior brings message of faith, hope to professionals around the world

  23. How Liberals Ruined College – Kirsten Powers

  24. Walk and live in Him……

  25. Keep Me

  26. When the Temporal Disturbs

  27. You are being Prepared to Partner with Papa

  28. Why Not YOU?

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