My Article Read (5-8-2015)


Baby, Newspaper5


  1. Nuggets – God’s Work of Providence

  2. Messianic Poetry – GOD’S ARMY


  4. Seasons and Seclusions – SoS Saturday

  5. Allow the Spirit of Wisdom Access to Your Heart

  6. Schools ask 12-year-old children whether they have had gay, oral and anal sex

  7. A Letter To My Mom

  8. When We Get All Human

  9. Muslim Cleric Says Pamela Geller Deserves Death

  10. Quote Of The Day — May 8, 2015

  11. The New Gestapo At Work: New Jersey Child Protective Services

  12. CBS Baiting Readers with Misleading Headlines

  13. Ebola Virus : A New STD?

  14. 70 Years Ago Today: VE Day

  15. NY Times slaps Hillary in hopes of getting her to talk

  16. Katie Couric thought she could intimidate Carly Fiorina – CEOs don’t scare easily

  17. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  18. BREAKING: Lawyer For Charged Baltimore Officer Files Motion to have Marilyn Mosby recuse herself…

  19. Dan Senor Plays Whack-a-Mole While Surrounded By Moonbats….

  20. Jack Cashill Asks: Just Who Was the Man in Freddie Gray’s Van?

  21. I Support Free Speech, But ….

  22. It’s Not You, It’s Me

  23. Happy V-E Day

  24. Happy Liberation Day, Pilsen

  25. Happy birthday, Johannes

  26. A word on business appreciation

  27. Summarizing the bad news

  28. Here’s Why You Do Not Have What You Want

  29. 6 Facts About Forgiving Ourselves That Will Free You

  30. The Woman You Praised

  31. Ode To My Blog

  32. Friday’s Fiction

  33. A number of Clinton Foundation Board of Directors charged or convicted of crimes

  34. Saturday morning smile

  35. UKIP now third biggest UK party on vote basis only has one seat in parliament

  36. Polling hopelessly inaccurate in UK election, favoured Labour

  37. General stuff 09/05/15

  38. The Road To Emmaus

  39. AP seems surprised Pamela Geller has no regrets over not being murdered by terrorists; Contest time

  40. Cards for Chronic Illnesses

  41. Be Happy!

  42. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.8.15

  43. Americans Reach New Heights In Expatriation

  44. Happy Mothers Day

  45. Dead To Sin Alive to God

  46. Trails of Destruction

  47. Trapped in Abuses

  48. Let the Rain Fall You have an UMBRELLA

  49. Train Up a child . . .

  50. Will Anyone Take A Stand….Really?

  51. If you want better health? Do this naked

  52. What Do You Believe God Wants For You?

  53. Why is this crapola going on in public schools?…

  54. Prayers for Mad Jack needed…

  55. Sgt. Greg Moore returns home to Coeur d’Alene…

  56. Sometimes, laughter is the only rational response:

  57. Brothers and Sister: Pray for the U.S.A.!

  58. Mothers Day Gift Ideas! 🙂 (hint hint?)

  59. Science

  60. Never tell Eagles to Stop Soaring

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