My Article Read (5-7-2015)


Baby, Newspaper4


  1. ‘They are NOT’: Sheriff Clarke disagrees with Baltimore commish that cops are ‘part of the problem’

  2. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Sally Kohn blasted for ‘turning a kind gesture into a race issue’

  3. Friday morning smile

  4. General stuff 08/05/15

  5. Some vibrancy and diversity for the Progs, Anjem Choudary tells Pamela Geller she should be killed

  6. English’s BS proves he’s Key’s bunny in PM’s flag change mission

  7. Australia- Chinese expected to invest $60 billion in housing in 6 years

  8. HE LIFTS US UP: The Fragility of Life

  9. Joyful ‘Toons – Crossing Guard

  10. The Road to Emmaus

  11. All God’s people – Hallelujah!

  12. Thursday’s Thought

  13. Bumper Sticker Of The Day

  14. U.K. Election Results Thread – Exit Polls Show Conservative Gains and Liberal Losses…

  15. Follow Up – Four Thugs Sentenced In 2013 Brutal Home Invasion…

  16. NSA Loses Court Battle – Collection Of Phone Data Is Ruled Illegal…

  17. Every which way…. but lose

  18. Awww…. Poor little Vlad’s shiny new tank wouldn’t go.

  19. Sacred

  20. 6 Characteristics of the Place Mary Discovered

  21. King Solomon, Charlie Hebdo, Wise or Foolish?

  22. Resist we much, part 2

  23. Hear the voice of my supplications . . .

  24. Wow…What A Rollercoaster Of A Trip!!

  25. God Will Continue To Chip Away

  26. Quote Of The Day — May 7, 2015

  27. Louie Gohmert on Jade Helm

  28. California Drought Causing Infestation of Rodents

  29. National Day of Prayer

  30. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.7.15

  31. NH WWII Vet Fights Off Robber With His Cane

  32. Jade Helm – Is this how the elites will wage war in America?

  33. Stumbling Blocks

  34. Answered Prayers

  35. Reacting and Breathing

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