My Article Read (5-5-2015) (5-6-2015)


Baby, Newspaper3


  1. ‘You just noticed this?’ Joe Scarborough’s a little late to the PolitiFact party

  2. Fellow police, citizens honor fallen NYPD officer with #MooreMatters hashtag; Mets to wear NYPD hats

  3. Mandy ‘Liberty Chick’ Nagy making progress: ‘I can see from her eyes … she is improving’

  4. Ex Baltimore prosecutor: Marilyn Mosby’s indictments reflect ‘incompetence or an unethical recklessness’

  5. An Unexpected Change Of Plan

  6. There’s No Sun Up In The Sky

  7. Nuggets – Forgive and Forget, Regrets or Freedom!

  8. HE LIFTS US UP: Today’s Forecast

  9. Nuggets – A Created People

  10. Believing

  11. Cabin-block syndrome

  12. Hillary’s alternate reality on Benghazi

  13. Have Peace With God

  14. Justified by Faith

  15. Happy Cinco de Mayo

  16. Happy International Firefighters’ Day

  17. Wednesday morning smile

  18. General stuff

  19. Flag debate- PM clearly violates “no presumption of change”

  20. If you were annoyed by MS, get ready for Mx

  21. “Drunker than 10,000 Indians” comment sees US General resign

  22. UK to build the world’s first tidal lagoon power plants

  23. The latest Clinton lie – obtained over $7.4 million in Capital gains

  24. Quote Of The Day — May 5, 2015

  25. Conservative. Black. Female. (and, of course, hated by the left)

  26. Obama Admin’s Response to Ship Seized by Iran

  27. Ted Lieu (D-CA): Just Follow the Damn Constitution

  28. Tuesday Tale Tail

  29. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.5.15

  30. Texas ISIS Attack Exposes Media Hypocrisy

  31. Busyness and Emptiness

  32. “Clinton Cash” has the Clintons terrified

  33. Bored, Burned Out, Broken or Blessed

  34. “If I Had It To Do Over…”

  35. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  36. Baltimore Police Radio Dispatch Reveals: Stunning Evidence of Marilyn Mosby’s “Egregious Rush to Judgment” In Her Direct Action Charges…

  37. Wild Bill: Baiting Muslims?…

  38. Coeur d’ Alene police officer in critical condition after being shot…

  39. Democrat includes the word DEMON

  40. Changing the NZ flag

  41. Justice is Coming, says the Lord

  42. A Plague upon the land

  43. Castros’ Drug-Trafficking Hardly a Surprise…

    But JEB BUSH, That’s a Story!


  1. How Much Free Speech Is Too Much?

  2. Best response yet? Michelle Malkin nutshells Chris Cuomo’s maddening ‘hate speech’ claim with ONE photo

  3. ‘Painfully dumb tweet!’: ‘Smug’ Chris Cuomo gets schooled on hate speech and the Constitution

  4. ‘That’s a leap’: Boston Globe writer pounded for #DeflateGate investigation comparison

  5. The Word of God

  6. What Is Prayer, Really?

  7. Freedom Of Speech, But

  8. Nuggets – Thoughts of the Heart

  9. Messianic Poetry – The Earth

  10. How accurate are past global warming predictions ?

  11. Intricate

  12. Working in the yard and clothed in rags

  13. Thursday morning smile

  14. General stuff 07/05/15

  15. Pamela Geller speaks some long hidden truths

  16. One Big Rule Out…Time To Bring Out The Army

  17. Destroying Illusions

  18. Food for the Soul, Healing for the Body, and Lunch to Boot

  19. Quote Of The Day — May 6, 2015

  20. Freddie Gray Case – Is Prosecution Already Unraveling?

  21. Branco Cartoon – Molon Labe

  22. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.6.15

  23. Concern For Jade Helm 15 Spreads To Politicians As Rep Gohmert Questions Pentagon Motives

  24. New York Is #1 … In Political Corruption

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