My Article Read (5-3-2015) (5-4-2015)


Baby, Newspaper2


  1. Brother Refused To Go To Class Today

  2. Spiritual Warfare

  3. Intricate

  4. Long Live Latin

  5. Great thoughts to help you manage emergencies and stress

  6. Monday morning smile

  7. Sunday morning smile

  8. Wake the hell up you mugs, you’re getting conned by experts

  9. Australian Catholic University establishes scholarships in honour of executed drug traffickers

  10. Judith Collins- proud supporter of Marxists Helen Clark and Hillary Clinton

  11. Nigel Farage- no cameras in my kitchen thank you

  12. Coming Home – SoS Saturday

  13. Quote Of The Day — May 3, 2015

  14. Thought For Today – May 3, 2015

  15. Ed Klein: Obama Admin Leaking Clinton Scandals

  16. A Sunday Feel Good Story – Chick-fil-A to the Rescue

  17. State Dept Importing Possible Terrorists

  18. Don’t Blame Obama for America’s Moral Decay


  20. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  21. With backdrop of anti-cop protests, NYPD officer shot in head during street stop

  22. Liberal law professor demolishes case against Baltimore cops: Not justice, just ‘crowd control’

  23. Councilman visits bathroom during meeting, forgets hot mic; all composure is lost!

  24. Sunday’s Psalm Message

  25. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.3.15

  26. IRS Ignores Reforms , Confiscates $107K From NC Store Owner For “Structuring” Violation

  27. Robert F. Kennedy and having compassion for one another.

  28. Sunday respite: The Pusher Man

  29. Commit your work to Yahweh!

  30. He Will Carry You

  31. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  32. NYPD Cop Clings To Life After Being Shot In The Head….

  33. Democrat Representative Donna Edwards: The Problem In Baltimore Is Not Enough Wealth Spread Around….

  34. ‘Rather have a root canal’: The Clinton campaign’s Mother’s Day gift would probably ‘ruin the remainder’ of mom’s year

  35. Netanyahu reportedly rejects John Kerry’s request to visit Israel until after new government formation

  36. Martin O’Malley slammed as ‘tone deaf’ and delusional for considering making Baltimore ‘central’ to his campaign

  37. Joyful ‘Toons – Dumpster

  38. Happy Anniversary to The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel

  39. ESP and Liberal minds (2)

  40. Europe has an antisemitism problem. A big one.

  41. Don’t Eat Everything Baboons Eat

  42. Speak to build.

  43. Left-wing professor update: Harvard faculty supports Democrats with donations 96% of the time…

  44. Poll: 47% of Marylanders say they would move out of the state

  45. WHY?

  46. Reaganite’s SUNDAY FUNNIES

  47. VIDEO: These Baltimore Cops Have an Incredible Plan to Deal With the Mayor Who Let Her City Burn


  1. Geller VS CNN – Freedom VS The Media….

  2. Knock, Knock – Who’s There? – Is This Yours?….

  3. Free Speech, “But” – Paris, Copenhagen, Now Garland Texas…

  4. RIP Brian Moore – NYPD Officer Did Not Survive His Injuries…

  5. BREAKING: Fox Reporter Witnesses Shooting In Baltimore – Misinterprets what actually took place – Twitchy Crowd Erupts Against Police…

  6. More than 200 attend service for Oklahoma homeless veteran

  7. Liberty and Justice for All—Except for Christians

  8. ‘If a community organizer can do it … ’: David Axelrod’s groaner about Ben Carson running for president backfires

  9. ‘Cowards’: Michelle Malkin calls out UK Daily Mail’s ‘coverage’ of Garland attack

  10. ‘Are you guys nuts?’ Salon frames Garland attack as Pam Geller’s ‘fatal anti-Muslim’ stunt

  11. ‘Making a complete fool out of her’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota ‘schooled’ by Pamela Geller

  12. ‘AMEN!’ Brad Thor sees the Garland attack as an important constitutional reminder

  13. Crowned with Favor

  14. Are You Ashamed?

  15. A New Princess

  16. King of Glory

  17. Answer to Baltimore’s woes: Mo’-Money

  18. May the Fourth Be With You

  19. Nuggets – Live Honestly

  20. You’re a Real Christian

  21. Prayer for ChristianBlessings Encouragers Today

  22. 8 Promises To A Troubled Soul: Praying the Scripture

  23. Floating in the Dead Sea in Israel

  24. Quote Of The Day — May 4, 2015

  25. Pamela Geller and a Righteously Ticked Wild Bill

  26. O.K, Folks. It’s Sunday On Monday.

  27. State Dept Carrying on Hillary’s Tradition in Yemen

  28. Guns: The Difference Between Garland And Paris

  29. And then there were three more: Ben, Carly and Mike

  30. Wallace to Dem. Maryland congresswoman: Have 50 years of Democrats have failed Baltimore?

  31. Open-carry demonstrator teaches ‘anarchists’ a lesson about real liberty

  32. Tuesday morning smile

  33. Brilliant critique of UK Conservatives also fits NZ National Party perfectly

  34. Sack this idiot

  35. (Video) In praise of Calvin Coolidge, the “Great Refrainer”

  36. Our quiet sun: long-term cooling on the way?

  37. Educated Fleas

  38. My New Speedo’s

  39. A Life-changing Approach to Helping Others

  40. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.4.15

  41. Daily Comedy 5.4.15

  42. Woman Safe … Car-Jacker Dead … Thanks To Citizen With A Gun

  43. Think you know what will happen when you pour molten aluminum in a watermelon? Watch this and find out

  44. Tweeters bring the hate after shooting at Muhammad art contest in Texas

  45. A strategy to destroy a dream!

  46. Command Your Day

  47. Monday’s Mention

  48. Obama to end school choice program while ‘we need to make sure ‘all children’ get a chance at a great education’

  49. Rome by Sunset and Night Walks

  50. But those who wait on the Lord . . .


  52. Be Fruitful And Multiply

  53. The Cycle Of Abuse

  54. Lightening things up a bit

  55. Sparkly Vultures

  56. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota attacks Pamela Geller for being “provocative” and inciting violence…

  57. We have already HAD revival, NOW it’s time for the NEW move of God

  58. Baltimore isn’t an American problem. It’s a DEMOCRAT problem

  59. ‘Submit or die. Your fault if you choose wrong’

  60. Want respect?

  61. The Miracle is Coming

  62. You best days are ahead of you!

  63. Youngsters


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