My Article Read (5-1-2015)


Baby, Newspaper


  1. Owner Who Banned Muslims From Gun Range Learns DOJ Is Targeting Her… Issues Epic Response

  2. ‘From one hustler to another’: Hillary Clinton earns coveted endorsement from world of publishing

  3. ‘Nice try, stooge’: GOP-blaming Sally Kohn gets help remembering who’s run Baltimore for ‘decades’

  4. Sheriff David Clarke calls Baltimore police ‘political prisoners,’ says Marilyn Mosby should recuse herself

  5. ‘Darn mystery’: Notice anything missing from this Politico cartoon on Baltimore? [pic]

  6. Quote Of The Day — May 1, 2015

  7. Armed Citizen Takes Down Robber

  8. Inconvenient Truths About Cops, Blacks, and Black on Black Homicides

  9. Freddie Gray Smacked His Head on a Bolt in the Van

  10. Older woman silences Baltimore thugs’ obscene rant: Show some intelligence!

  11. Sheriff Clarke: I would have defied Baltimore mayor’s order to stand down, ‘I report to the people’

  12. Black comic wants to ‘ban’ whites from saying ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’; how did white America respond?

  13. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  14. Baltimore State Attorney Files Charges Against Six Officers Including Murder and Manslaughter…

  15. Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby Is Presenting A Potemkin Village To A Racial Audience….

  16. His Consistent Character

  17. Hanky Panky

  18. What a Pickle

  19. Messianic Poetry – The Healer

  20. Yoked – SoS Saturday

  21. Saturday morning smile

  22. Nigel Farage goes after politically corrupt BBC

  23. Media progressives cannot be won over says Rush

  24. (Video) At last: Andrew Klavan explains the Iran nuclear deal

  25. EU Preps for War Against the Internet: Decides to Lose Again

  26. Happy May Day

  27. How You Know It’s Time To Say Amen

  28. Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, drug dealer with 18 arrests

  29. When in Rome, 2015 and the climate it’s a changin’

  30. He who promised is faithful!

  31. Daily Editorial Cartoon 5.1.15

  32. The Power of Words Like “I Love You”

  33. Government sponsored Riots?

  34. To Make An Effort For America. Pt. 2

  35. You Can’t Learn Anything From That Pine Box!

  36. Kenyan news outlet: Obama’s family has now entirely disowned him

  37. The Left’s burning cities

  38. Will YOU be in the number?

  39. America the hypocrite!

  40. Keep Praying! Your Prayers Are Setting Off Spiritual Bombs!

  41. CRUZ: Rather Than Bring-Us-Together,
    Obama Regime ‘Inflamed Racial Tensions’
    with ‘Incendiary and Hateful Rhetoric’ (video)

  42. Conservatives:)

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