5 thoughts on “Share A Laugh-Get Out Of The Car

  1. Supposedly, the story is not true, but it is funny, and I suspect something like it actually has happened. There are some women who know how to use a gun, and some of these women would have no trouble convincing a man that they would shoot.

  2. My parents named me appropriately. I am a dedicated skeptic.

    People use to pass me chain emails on some political topic or another. When I read them, my first thought is that is too good to be true. So I would google them, and the vast majority were false. Then I would inform the people who sent me the emails. Some I even posted with the research on my blog.

    I don’t get many such emails anymore. People don’t like be embarrassed that way. Jokes, however, I don’t really worry about. I just think it is funny Snopes.com worries about such things. Of course, I did google the story.

    I am what I am, but God blessed my namesake with the strength to believe, and, thankfully, He blessed me too.

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