My Article Read (4-30-2015)


Girls, Newspaper


  1. Joyful ‘Toons – Gift of Jesus

  2. For Sale

  3. Joyful ‘Toons – Inner Supply

  4. Networks Ignore Discovery of ‘Lost’ Lois Lerner E-Mails

  5. MSNBC Panel: ‘Offensive’ to Label Baltimore Rioters ‘Thugs;’ the ‘New N-Word’

  6. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  7. Yikes ! – Video: Woman Denied Cigarette Sets Man’s Car On Fire…

  8. 60 Thugs Run Amuck In Charleston – Rioting, Attacking, Shouting: “F**k The White People”…

  9. Leaked Freddie Gray Report: “a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van” – Open Discussion Thread….

  10. Taxpayers Foot $49K Bill for Air Conditioning, ‘Staging’ for Obama’s Town Hall in Jamaica

  11. A German Woman Started Putting Yellow Stickers on Israeli Students Visiting Auschwitz. At First They Didn’t Get It, but Then It Became Clear

  12. Some Stunning Messages of Support for Israel From Where You’d Least Expect Them

  13. NAN-tastic: Backdrop for Baltimore mayor’s #FreddieGray update speaks volumes [photo]

  14. GoFundMe updates terms after pulling fundraiser for shuttered Christian bakery

  15. ‘Most backward thing I’ve ever read’: This criticism in WaPo of mom who smacked her rioting son is unreal

  16. Adam Baldwin puts a Hulk smash on Mark Ruffalo’s recommended reading for ‘white America’

  17. Al Sharpton really didn’t want this Fox News reporter to ask Baltimore mayor a question

  18. Cleveland mayor ‘reprimands’ cabinet member whose tweet asked if city should be ‘burned down’

  19. Sheriff David Clarke has absolutely the best suggestion for Michael Moore and his ‘disarm the police’ nonsense

  20. ‘LOL, thats awesome!’ What this kid did to Obama makes us weep with joy

  21. He gave us His word and Something else……

  22. Playing with Butterflies

  23. Visiting Old Jaffa, Israel

  24. Blind and Toothless

  25. 7 Reasons I Wrote a Book on Prayer

  26. Is The Clinton Foundation Just A Foreign Laundering Scheme?

  27. King Solomon on the Baltimore Riots

  28. #Obamacare Chronicles: Ohio Medicaid expansion costs $3 billion in first 15 months

  29. Friday morning smile

  30. US- Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience over same sex marriage

  31. Rotorua- council bans open fires from today

  32. Taxpayer’s Union- lower speed tolerance provides govt with 4500% revenue increase

  33. Sniveling flag change faction so desperate they’re trying to get kids to vote

  34. Featured Photographer: Aleksandar Matic

  35. Report: Baltimore Mayor Told Cops to Stand Down

  36. Rioters tried to burn him alive, now this Baltimore business owner is ready to fight back

  37. Quote Of The Day — April 30, 2015

  38. Did John McCain conspire with the IRS to target conservative groups?

  39. Turning America Into a Battlefield

  40. Thought for Today – April 30, 2015

  41. The Cycle Of Abuse

  42. Supreme Court slaps Obama down unanimously once again

  43. Targeted Operation

  44. Love your neighbors as yourself!

  45. The Walking Wounded~~ A Book Review by Gary Bertnick

  46. More Evidence “Religious Freedom” Is An Oxymoron

  47. Christian blogs and topless women bare knuckle boxing

  48. Are you being screwed by your bank?…

  49. Interesting: George Soros may owe a tax bill of $6.7 billion after gaming the system for years

  50. When the Prophetic is formed in YOU

  51. HMMM

  52. Truths that MUST be faced before the Community can recover (as in Baltimore)

  53. ‘Flag poll message clear: Leave it alone

  54. “People need space to destroy!”

  55. Tables are being turned and Prayer Bowls tipped!

  56. The Watchman

  57. A Cup of Courage

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