My Article Read (4-29-2015)


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  1. State Dept refuse to honor treaty, Iran seizes ship in Straits of Hormuz

  2. ‘Where is #JosephKent?’ Baltimore protesters accuse police of ‘kidnapping’ community activist ‘blackbag’ style

  3. ‘Paging Sally Kohn’! WH: Obama stands by word he used to describe #FreddieGray rioters

  4. Rep. Elijah Cummings’ very bad night in Baltimore

  5. ‘F*** Outta Here White Boy’: Potential 2016 candidate Martin O’Malley gets heckled in Baltimore

  6. Sheriff Clarke: Why are we surprised at sub-human behavior in American ghettos? Lib policies created it

  7. Mom who dragged son from riots speaks out: ‘He will not be a Freddie Gray’

  8. Baltimore citizens protect their protectors, curfew violators clash with police

  9. CNN host blames veterans for Baltimore riots; ‘pathetic’ explanation follows backlash

  10. Thursday morning smile

  11. Police officer shot in Gaver family brawl awarded $10,000

  12. Western govts still hooked on debt

  13. Exports fall for March continues five month decline

  14. Baltimore riots- civilians step up to assist and protect police

  15. What It’s Like in Tel Aviv, Israel

  16. Because, That’s Why!

  17. I Learned This In 10 Years, You Can in 10 Minutes

  18. Bumper Sticker Of The Day

  19. Gunfire Rings Out In Ferguson As Baltimore Comes Under Military Control….

  20. Georgia Woman Arrested For Facebook Threat: “death to all white cops nationwide”…

  21. Baltimore Reality: “F**k The Pizza Man, Set Him On Fire”…. (Video)

  22. Marc Lamont Hill: Baltimore riots “an uprising”.

  23. The Left’s Burning Cities

  24. The Winner & Honorable Mention of Nudi Series Nembrotha

  25. Wednesday’s Words

  26. You Are Anything But Ordinary!

  27. #RaiseTheWage – Seattle pizzeria to close thanks to economic ignorance

  28. Hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls rescued from Boko Haram

  29. Quote Of The Day — April 29, 2015

  30. Ezra Levant: Proof That Race Relations Worse Under Obama

  31. “Stripped Away of Opportunity?” What Hopelessness is Not

  32. Yahweh first loved us!

  33. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.29.15

  34. Life’s Obstacle Courses and Roller-coasters

  35. In My Father’s House


  37. Taking the Witness Stand Pt. 1

  38. Tweet of the Day: Baltimore Mayor Threw Business Owners Under the Bus…

  39. The Great Fault Line of Racial Divide (written in July 2013)

  40. Cover Reveal for My Upcoming Book Versions of the Self

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