My Article Read (4-28-2015)


Children, Newspaper3


  1. Man’s Heartbroken Rage Comes Out In Furious Message to Baltimore Protestors That Torched His Home

  2. FLASHBACK: Baltimore mayor vetoed body camera bill in December 2014

  3. ‘DOG WHISTLE TOOT TOOT TOOT’! Obama calls #FreddieGray rioters ‘thugs’

  4. Politico’s Glenn Thrush cites Oklahoma City bombing as example of white people rioting

  5. ‘We must have peace’: Ray Lewis weighs in on the #BaltimoreRiots

  6. ‘God bless him’: ‘More than 1000’ Baltimore residents volunteer to help clean up after last night’s riots [photos]

  7. Sheriff Clarke unloads on ‘mealy-mouth’ politicians who created a ‘permanent underclass’; Time to ‘clear the streets’

  8. Happy birthday to me

  9. Quote Of The Day — April 28, 2015

  10. Tweet of the Day!

  11. Media fail to identify leader of Baltimore riots

  12. National Guard Troops Deployed to Baltimore

  13. Father & Son Shot Execution Style by Two Black Punks

  14. EPA to study Churches, develop programs to combat climate change

  15. State of emergency! Baltimore violence captured in photo, video

  16. ‘Send the moms!’ Furious mom catches son rioting, beats his butt, drags him home in front of everyone

  17. Baltimore mayor’s stunning comments: We gave rioters ‘space to destroy’

  18. Elderly Vietnam veteran stands up to Baltimore rioters, becomes hero for a night

  19. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.28.15

  20. Daily Video 4.28.15

  21. Angry Texas Citizens Demand Answers About “Jade Helm”

  22. Just Say No Works

  23. Hillary Clinton: let’s use government to force Christians to stop being pro-life

  24. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal to anti-marriage corporate bullies: “Save your breath”

  25. Dem’s are Losing Their Base

  26. Wednesday morning smile

  27. More NRL tyranny as player fined $10,000 for “poofter” expression

  28. Suspicion growing over Free Trade Agreements

  29. Payback For What?

  30. I Only Want To Cry

  31. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  32. CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Blames Veterans For Baltimore Riots: “They Came Home Ready For Battle”…

  33. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Will Not Cover For Failure of Liberal Baltimore Mayor – Two Video Pressers…

  34. President Obama Delivers Remarks On Baltimore Riots….

  35. Of Course We Knew The Baltimore Riots Were Planned In Advance – So Was Louisville Kentucky in 2014…

  36. What is happening to Iran in Bible prophecy?

  37. Old Man Dancing

  38. Customer Service?

  39. BYOBook Prompt: About The Walking Wounded

  40. Evidence Of “Religious Freedom” Oxymoron

  41. “In Control” Vs. “Controlling”

  42. Clinton foundation full of red flags

  43. Obama’s trust deficit and BS surplus

  44. For Sale

  45. King Solomon, Pheromones, Bees, Wise Sayings

  46. A Better Approach Than Worrying!

  47. #Obamacare Chronicles: two-thirds of subsidy recipients had to repay the government

  48. Montana restricts police acquisition of military gear…

  49. ‘The UN Parks its Tanks on St Peter’s Square

  50. Baltimore now deserves its own post.

  51. A Blunt Message to the Young People of America…

  52. A Barricade of Protecting Fire

  53. MSNBC Host Indicates Clintons Should Be In Jail (VIDEO)

  54. Yahweh sweeps away transgressions!

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