My Article Read (4-22-2015)


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  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Memphis Again ! – Wall To Wall Chaos Erupts In Memphis High School – School Police, School Administration, School Teachers Lose Total Control….

  3. Open Letter To Obama From Nephew of Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei – Stop The Deal…

  4. Rachel Carson and the banning of DDT, and … A story about the co-founder of Earth Day

  5. Iran: lying suckweasel administration admits it’s full of lying suckweasels

  6. Thursday morning smile

  7. Piers Morgan faces further questioning in Scotland Yard hacking probe

  8. UK Progressives want Katie Hopkins jailed for daring to disagree

  9. Americans don’t want any more immigration- who does?

  10. Koch Bros plan to spend $900 million on US presidential elections

  11. Overseas buyers not a big problem in Auckland says Nick Smith

  12. The Rise of Hillary and the Death of Politics

  13. Language cop Oliver Willis says ‘stop overusing epic’; Hilarity ensues

  14. ‘I get crazy’: Albert Brooks ‘can’t take global warming advice from’ celebs who do this

  15. ‘And BOOM’: Obama wants to talk about denial, so Laura Ingraham helps him out

  16. Islamic extremist in Paris accidentally shoots self on way to planned church massacre

  17. Check out these old tweets from @Toure on Republicans not paying their fair share of taxes

  18. Instapundit ‘hit a nerve’: Jonathan Chait’s defense of ‘anti-climate’ finger-pointing is hack-tastic

  19. ‘Sums up the typical liberal mindset’: Author Toni Morrison’s remarks on racism ‘irresponsible, moronic’

  20. ‘Climate change got him’? Obama cancels, then un-cancels Everglades speech because of rain #EarthDay

  21. 6 Treasures of the Lord’s Prayer

  22. DEA Chief Leonhart to Step Down

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: “Surrender”

  24. In Wisconsin, Democrat district attorney has armed police raid the homes of conservatives

  25. The audacity of money

  26. Joy Ride

  27. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.22.15

  28. Whites Killed By Cops In Greater Numbers Than Blacks

  29. For Second Time In Month An Illegal Alien Is Charged With The Rape Of A Child

  30. 8 Year-Old Sends Scathing Letter To Michelle O

  31. Laborers Needed – Enquire Within

  32. Clinton Defender David Brock Loses Morning Joe

  33. VIDEO: Jon Karl ruined Josh Earnest’s Day

  34. Quote Of The Day — April 22, 2015

  35. DOE warns ‘modern life’ threatened by terror, climate threats to electric grid

  36. “They Came with a Battering Ram”

  37. The PCs Must Stop Promoting the Climate Scare

  38. Boehner SMOOCHING Pelosi, AGAIN: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican Party’

  39. America cheers for judge’s smackdown of thug: People ‘get up and go to work every day . . . this is not your hood’

  40. General Dempsey apologizes to grieving Navy SEAL mother after powerful public scolding

  41. Wednesday’s Words

  42. Cornel West called out

  43. Obama: ‘There is less violence around the world than 40 years ago

  44. Immigration And Barack Obama’s New Americans

  45. IRAN’s savage killings of stray dogs with burning acid has incited worldwide outrage

  46. It’s Spring, time to start removing your clothes

  47. Emotional Abuse: Words, Acts… and Threats

  48. He Didn’t Invite Her To Church

  49. How green was my planet

  50. Let’s Celebrate Earth Day 2015…

  51. I guess I won’t have to bother eating at Popeyes anymore…

  52. DACA Update: Immigrant granted amnesty by Obama was gang member who went on to murder 4 people…

  53. Proving Prayer Works.. can we?

  54. All Hell is loosed upon America

  55. War on American Soil

  56. The Lord says: Pray for the States!

  57. He is searching for you to arise to the times we live in!

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