My Article Read (4-20-2015) (4-21-2015)


Baby, Newspaper5


  1. Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

  2. Tonight I declare…

  3. HE LIFTS US UP: Goin’ Fishing

  4. HE LIFTS US UP: “Life is Like An Obstacle Course”

  5. Prayer for ChristianBlessings Encouragers

  6. The Eastern Gate in Prophecy

  7. When limitations are the only thing you see…..

  8. Is God’s kindness genuine?

  9. ‘What an imbecile’: Politico cartoonist’s ‘baffling’ take on Hillary’s POTUS run [photo]

  10. ‘Can’t stop laughing’: Slate knows what Hillary is ‘the right person’ to fix, and it’s ‘beyond absurd’

  11. ‘Prove him wrong’: Instapundit challenges press to counter Roger Ailes’ Hillary-loving MSM claim

  12. This Earth Day, celebrate the good done by fossil fuels

  13. Wisconsin: where the Left brings out its inner-Fascist

  14. Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’

  15. Code Redhead

  16. Cui Bono

  17. Tuesday morning smile

  18. Wisconsin- Democrat District Attorney’s actions reminiscent of East German Stasi

  19. Left’s latest phony strategy to silence criticism- They feel “unsafe”.

  20. Fairfax “political journalist” Jo Moir- lazy or biased?

  21. UK Green party supporters prefer long haul holiday flights

  22. China buys influence in struggling socialist basket case Venezuela

  23. Money for Something: “Clinton Cash” exposes Hillary

  24. Branco Cartoon – Cereal Killer

  25. Quote Of The Day — April 20, 2015

  26. VIDEO: Obama’s Communist Mentor Boasts About Lying To The FBI

  27. Top Ten Things Overheard In Hillary Clinton’s Van

  28. Poll: Do You Support “Open Carry” in Your State?

  29. Watch The Amazing 30 Brave Christians Slaughtered Telling The Muslims To Go To Hell And Refusing To Bow To The False God Allah

  30. OHIO: Massive backlash causes public school to cancel Muslim headbag (hijab) day, better known as the “Covered Girl Challenge”

  31. Engraved By Christ

  32. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.20.15

  33. American Thinker Post Of The Day: Never Again ?

  34. Katana-Wielding Homeowner Shreds Gun-Toting Home Invaders

  35. 5 Australian “Youths” Arrested For Anzac Day Terror Plot

  36. Monday’s Memo

  37. Ditches in The Desert

  38. An Interview with Benjamin Nelson

  39. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  40. It Is Written….

  41. New York City (Via De Blasio) Re-Enters Race For “Most Dangerous City” Status – 20 Weekend Shootings…

  42. Odd Response – White House Josh Earnest Will Not Deny Accusations State Dept Did Favors For Clinton Donors…

  43. Appeals court unfriendly to Obama’s illegal immigration move

  44. I believed, but I was afraid- How God Restored Awe In Me Through A Small Ghetto Church

  45. Scores killed, hundreds injured as extremists riot in Boston area

  46. What We Believe is Usually What We are Taught… BUT!!

  47. Don’t Make or Repeat This Mistake!

  48. Nobody Has Shoes Here

  49. 1,044,165 Hits!


  51. House Trained

  52. The Toddler Bucket List – LEGOLAND California

  53. Sloganeering the times

  54. Hillary Fatigue…

  55. Amusing: Roseanne Barr on Hillary Clinton, “the same old shit.”

  56. ‘The Death of the Left’

  57. Russian expansion is not cool

  58. Crimes of the Heart!

  59. Man Made Disaster

  60. Commit your works to YAHWEH!

  61. Their EMERGENCY


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Follow Up: We Expose The VSU “Protest Group” Marching On Flag…

  3. Just Another Tuesday….

  4. Kindness

  5. Obama / Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Pal, Mohammed Morsi, Sentenced To 20 Years in Prison…

  6. Is empathy a good basis for morality?

  7. Christianity and the nude form

  8. Wednesday morning smile

  9. Gun grabbers losing battle in US

  10. Sheriff Arpaio, Barack Obama Birth Certificate Investigator, faces contempt of court charges

  11. European Union to launch military style operations against people smugglers in Libya

  12. John Key waitress hair pulling story needs validation

  13. Australia- NSW citizens ask why were we not warned about violent storm?

  14. Unhinged

  15. Rifle or ‘paper weight’? Did Rep. Ken Buck break D.C.’s gun laws with this photo of an AR-15?

  16. Guardian: ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ‘seriously wounded’ in March airstrike

  17. ‘Left to drown’: Kirsten Powers unloads on President Obama over persecution of Christians around the world

  18. Kirsten Powers: Christians thrown overboard left to drown by Obama

  19. HE LIFTS US UP: This Cloak of Darkness… A Message to the Depressed

  20. Messianic Poetry – Saying Goodbye

  21. Ponderings on His Loving Ways

  22. Hillary’s shattered armor

  23. Scott Walker’s immigration plan is more conservative than Bush or Rubio

  24. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.21.15

  25. Anonymous Issues Statement On “Operation Jade Helm”

  26. Oregon Miners Face Off With BLM

  27. Quote Of The Day — April 21, 2015

  28. What To Do For Our Young People?

  29. Good guy with gun stops bad guy with gun – in Chicago

  30. Clinton Campaign Chaos

  31. Oathkeepers on Security Detail at Oregon Gold Mine

  32. A Modern Day Holocaust

  33. Florida Five: Rubio bounces past Hillary in new poll, Texas joins Florida’s federal lawsuit

  34. State Department won’t rule out $50 Billion Iran signing bonus

  35. Erasto Mpemba: The Boy Who Refused To Cool

  36. Seasons Come and Go

  37. My Greatest Need

  38. King Solomon on What She Wanted

  39. Know How to Access Your Lifeline in Times of Trouble

  40. Long live the queen!

  41. Dingy Harry on Obama’s Trade Push: ‘Hell No…I Have Never Ever’ Supported Trade Deals

  42. ‘Creeping Totalitarianism Report’

  43. Rick Perry Releases Strongest 2016 Campaign Pitch So Far…

  44. But you are a CHOSEN generation . . .


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