My Article Read (4-19-2015)


Squirrel, Newspaper


  1. BINGO – Donors To The Clinton Foundation Swaying State Dept. Investigation – The Motive Surfaces….

  2. North Carolina Mob Attack – PC Media Intentionally Avoid Racial Element – 6 to 8 Thugs…

  3. Environmentalists Celebrate “Earth Day” On The National Mall…

  4. Watch: Judge Jeanine Digs Up Disgusting Dirt From Hillary’s Past

  5. Pelosi: Hillary’s Record Doesn’t Matter, What’s Important Is She’s A Woman

  6. Monday morning smile

  7. Nigel Nigel Farage talks straight to BBC’s trained seal audience

  8. Airforce veteran Michelle Manhart charged for taking US flag from protesters

  9. Australian govt faces massive loss of revenue after iron ore price collapse

  10. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  11. Largest individual donor to Clinton Foundation has trade ties to Iran

  12. Will gay activists threaten this little girl for covering her eyes at a gay pride parade?

  13. Quote Of The Day — April 19, 2015

  14. A Sunday Feel Good Story – WWII and Hollywood

  15. “Don’t You Want to See a Woman President of the United States?”

  16. Is Hillary Trustworthy? Hardly!

  17. Gowdy: I Want Answer On Hillary’s Emails But Without the Drama

  18. A Disgrace In Alberta, Canada!

  19. Yoked – SoS Saturday

  20. Rubio sparks uproar with immigration statement in Spanish; campaign blames poor translation

  21. Video: Watch Rahm Emanuel’s SUV run red lights and drive on the wrong side of the street

  22. ‘Ewwww’: Pat Sajak sums up a potential Hillary vs. Jeb race with throwback comparison

  23. Ted Cruz joke hits Obama where it hurts — and the GOP base eats it up!

  24. Judge Jeanine: Why is Hillary on Scooby lockdown? Don’t make me laugh

  25. Ted Cruz gets ‘a little range time,’ zings Eric Holder at campaign event [photos]

  26. Biased much? MTP panel doesn’t even ‘feign an effort at being balanced’

  27. Calming the Storm

  28. Counterpoint: Russia cannot beat NATO. Breathe easy.

  29. Rev. C.L. Bryant Brings Empower Message to SC


  31. Joyful ‘Toons – Derailed

  32. Sunday Respite: Kung Fu Piano: Cello ascends

  33. Nudi Series and Quiz: Nembrotha

  34. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.19.15

  35. Judge Jeanine Pirro’s Opening Statement 4.18.15 – Double Dose

  36. Do We “Talk the Talk” or “Walk the Walk”?

  37. NY learns telling welfare recipients to stop using EBT cards at strip clubs doesn’t work…

  38. Life on Earth isn’t Normal

  39. Who was it that said this was the Junior Varsity and won’t call them Terrorists

  40. No one will protest because she wasn’t killed by a white person.

  41. Delingpole nails it:

  42. What is it with so many women??


  44. Proper Perspective

  45. The LORD raises His Battle Cry!

  46. America: What were the Curses?

  47. The steps of a good man . . .

  48. Filling A Position

  49. SADE: ‘Nothing Can Come Between Us’ – 1988

  50. 3 am class: watching by the Spirit

  51. Clowns Battle Protesters in Big Top Brawl


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