My Article Read (4-16-2015)


Soldiers, Newspaper


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Immigration Customs Enforcement Director Sarah R. Saldana Tells Congressman: We Follow Obama Rules, Not The Law…

  3. Al Qaeda Takes Control of Major Airport In Yemen…

  4. King Solomon on, What if?

  5. King Solomon on the Right Time for Presidential Leadership

  6. King Solomon on Don’t Look Back…Moving Forward

  7. HE LIFTS US UP: A Bruised Reed… A Promise to the Abused

  8. Joyful ‘Toons – Oil of Joy

  9. A Private Matter

  10. Nuggets – Hardness of Heart

  11. Bette Midler proposes new name for Tax Day so taxpayers will appreciate it more

  12. ‘That was really intense’: Protesters violently storm University of Michigan regents meeting; Eight arrested

  13. ‘Cliff Clavin is proud’: Gyrocopter Guy gets John Ratzenberger’s stamp of approval

  14. Quote Of The Day — April 16, 2015

  15. Poll: Are you a “Genetalian”?

  16. ICE Not So Cool Under Fire

  17. Cruz loves orthodox Jews; and they seem to love him back

  18. I like a lot of what Carly Fiorina has to say, but…

  19. California: SEIU demands increase in minimum wage, jobs be damned

  20. Clinton Foundation continues to take donations from regimes that oppress women

  21. Friday morning smile

  22. Emma Sky – ex British ambassador blames Iraq mess on Obama and Hillary Clinton

  23. Scott Walker smeared as denier and Koch brothers puppet

  24. Security service monitors Judeo Christian heritage NZ born citizens for suspected ties to ISIS

  25. Muslim boat people throw Christian fellow travelers into the sea

  26. Australia- Public Hospitals face massive fall in funding

  27. Steven Joyce- more funding of separatist race based groups

  28. Empathy in Medicine

  29. Death March

  30. A Moving Memorial: A Young Woman’s Life and her Journey of Moving On

  31. The Day They Busted Jesus For Blasphemy And Bad Grammar

  32. Grave Visiting

  33. Found Out The Hard Way

  34. Why is localism important? | AECR

  35. Sheriff gives a big NO to enforcing gun background checks; ‘I have felonies going on’

  36. The foolishness of atheism

  37. Going Through The Motions

  38. Exclusive, breaking news…

  39. Colorado Dems Shoot Down Three Gun Control Repeals

  40. Taxes: a modest proposal

  41. Proud to be Featured by Constance Hotels

  42. Inside Out will turn the WORLD Upside Down

  43. I go to a Tea Party Rally

  44. Media completely censors march by armed black militant at SXSW festival

  45. Will YOU partner with God as to who will govern your nation?

  46. A vision of Benjamin Netanyahu

  47. Blessed is the man . . .

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