I Didn’t Forget “My Article Read”


After I finished posting yesterday, my day went wild from a doctor’s appointment in the morning to my sister going to the emergency room for chest pains. I didn’t get get much reading done. Before I close this post I ask for prayer for my family. Health issues seem to be running amok lately. We need a respite and wellness.

10 thoughts on “I Didn’t Forget “My Article Read”

    1. She’s is doing fine. Chest pains have stopped and the shortness of breath. EKG and the blood test didn’t show the cause was the heart. Everything looked normal according to the hospital. She thinks they will send her home today since the chest pains stopped and test look normal. She does have heart problems so it was a concerned.

      1. I just went through the same symptoms but was not hospitalized, I am taking Prilosec after dinner and the pains are subsiding. I am not a doctor or have a history of heart problems. Stomach acid results in the same symptom as heart attack and my doctor told me many heart attacks take place in bathrooms when people think they have nausea caused from stomach problems. I hope she is feeling better.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

      2. My sister does have heart problems. She has one heart attack that we know of. July of last year she had to have by pass surgery.

        They kept her in the hospital over night for observation because she also had shortness of breath with the chest pains. This time around.

        We got her out of the hospital around 8:30 last night. She was doing good then. She is probably resting today, lol. We (Mom and I) haven’t heard from her or her kids yet this morning.

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