My Article Read (3-13-2015)


Soldier, newspaper


  1. Magnitude 3.5 tremor jolts Los Angeles

  2. Slowly but surely, I am becoming less upset when bad things happen

  3. Does the New Testament book of James undermine salvation by faith alone?

  4. ‘Delusional’ Mark Halperin chuckles at conservatives who think MSM has pro-Hillary bias

  5. Angry President Obama says partisan criticism of Iran negotiations has ‘crossed all boundaries,’ ‘needs to stop’

  6. ‘Texas sucks’: Greg Abbott strikes a nerve after asking Obama to ‘stop trashing America’

  7. ‘Definitely worse than Hillary lying’: Political Wire hack’s Rubio ‘hot take’ gets watered down

  8. Know Your Worth

  9. Will you hold on…???

  10. Tuesday morning smile

  11. Walmart carpark brawl with 8 members of Idaho Christian family and Arizona police

  12. Lawyer speaks truth, exposes incompetent Police management and fascist council

  13. Competition among US states drives population shifts

  14. Winston Peters slams John Key’s flag referenda plan

  15. More than 60% of US Jews still vote for Obama

  16. Monochrome Monday: Abandoned

  17. 31 Haunting Images of Abandoned Places

  18. Global Warming Protestors in the Snow

  19. To the surprise of no one, Crimea is not happy under Russian rule

  20. The state of religious freedom in 2015

  21. Mark Levin discussing our current condition

  22. And the Show must go on

  23. HE LIFTS US UP: Verbal and Emotional Abuse… the Damage Left Behind

  24. Boys Don’t Cry?

  25. Epitaphs and Wars

  26. Welcome to the District of Thrones

  27. Branco Cartoon – Gone Fishing

  28. My 40th Birthday! 🙂

  29. The atheistic attempt to erect a moral superstructure apart from the existence of a personal God will suffer the same fate as a house built on sand—inevitably it will collapse.

  30. Former Homeless Man:’I was going to struggle doing something I loved’

  31. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  32. Josh Earnest: Hillary Clinton “Was a very effective Secretary of State” For Obama….

  33. Team Hillary’s rude awakening: Most popular hashtag after Hillary’s announcement . . .

  34. Mitt Romney gets asked about Harry Reid’s low-life lies; puts on lesson in class

  35. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.13.15

  36. Guerrilla Street Art Appears Near Hillary Headquarters

  37. Georgia Father Arrested For Constructing Bridge Rails After Daughter Dies

  38. Lazy Days at San Diego Zoo

  39. Monday’s Mention

  40. Jo’s Monday walk : Rievaulx Abbey

  41. Quote Of The Day — April 13, 2015

  42. Commie Castro: Obama ‘Is an Honest Man’

  43. Monica Crowley Calls Out the Mainstream Media

  44. A New York Woman as Vile as Kermit Gosnell

  45. Obscure former NY senator announces surprise bid for presidency

  46. Obama bashes United States while in Panama ‘Dark Chapters in our History’

  47. Are We Strong Enough?

  48. “If in doubt, don’t go out”

  49. Light

  50. Forgotten

  51. Pope Francis Just Angered The Antichrist Nation Of Turkey By Exposing The Armenian Genocide

  52. A Strong Tower

  53. Where There is a Will, There is a Way

  54. A Warning To Washington

  55. Doing my best to educate young people in my life.

  56. Hillary’s running for president…

  57. Double standards, hypocrisy and homosexual activism:

  58. . . . all things work together . . .

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