My Article Read (4-12-2015)


Overwhelmed By News


  1. BREAKING: Walter Scott Vehicle Passenger Identified: Pierre Fulton (30)

  2. That Didn’t Take Long – NY Mayor De Blasio Doesn’t Endorse Hillary Clinton – Immediate Threats Toward Him From Team Hillary…

  3. That Didn’t Take Long – NY Mayor De Blasio Doesn’t Endorse Hillary Clinton – Immediate Threats Toward Him From Team Hillary…

  4. Garry Kasparov Discusses President Obama Foreign Policy: “I think we are now facing disaster beyond belief”…

  5. HE LIFTS US UP: “I’m so sorry!” Are Words That Victims of Abuse Say

  6. Prayer for all Commentators on ChristianBlessings

  7. Joyful ‘Toons – Tight Grip

  8. Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song

  9. 10 Distressing Quotes Compiled by Kimberly Mesh

  10. A Supporter On the Outside

  11. Gender Roles and Mental Health

  12. ‘Brain trusts’: Hillary’s announcement goes off without a hitch. Just kidding! Check out the mock-tastic fail

  13. ‘Does Hillary punch babies?’ Check out the horrible typo from Hillary’s press release

  14. ‘Pretty sure it’s the Cuban flag’: Epic mock-alanche in progress over Hillary’s new campaign logo

  15. Wait, NOW he’s for Hillary? This flashback reminder for Oliver Willis is just TOO GOOD (You’ll laugh ’til you cry)

  16. Feeling The Heat

  17. Monday morning smile

  18. Key supports crooked extreme left presidential candidate Hillary Clinton

  19. Australian Govt makes soap opera to deter boat people

  20. US Army battalion briefed on “white privilege”.


  22. Can prayer, Bible reading, church-singing and charismatic preaching stop Katy Perry’s apostasy?

  23. “My special tender friend”: The Long History of More and Cromwell

  24. Did Jesus exist?

  25. Quote Of The Day — April 12, 2015

  26. A Sunday Feel Good Story – The Flat Tire

  27. Beyond the Call of Duty

  28. Media Fabricated Evidence to Smear GOP Three Times In One Day

  29. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.12.15

  30. Sharpton Told By Family To Stay Away From Walter Scott Funeral

  31. Shoplifter Hiding In Grocery Store Ceiling After Allegedly Stealing $8 Worth Of Stuff Prompts SWAT Response

  32. ‘SNL’ nails it mocking Hillary’s big announcement: ‘I WILL be your LEADER!!!!’

  33. Judge Jeanine destroys Hillary’s sham of caring; ‘you blame the victim and you laugh’

  34. My Little Black Book

  35. Some beautiful music for Sunday

  36. Dear New York Times, put down the race card and back away slowly

  37. Sunday respite “Brother can you spare a dime”

  38. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

  39. King Solomon on the Right Time for Presidential Leadership

  40. Let’s Praise THE LORD!

  41. Listen up all you Young Whipper Snappers ~

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