My Article Read (4-9-3015) (4-10-2015)


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  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us | Bill Whittle

  3. Disconnected Media – John Hinderaker (Powerline Blog) Makes The Point Using NYT…


  5. Bake our gay cake or else we’re going to…

  6. If this little guy praising The Lord doesn’t make your day, nothing will

  7. Salon story on Jesus inspires epic mockery. Behold, #SalonChristianitySecrets!

  8. ‘What a huge honor’! Dana Loesch will reveal something awesome at NRA convention

  9. ‘Deceased ex-KKK members for Chafee’? Dem POTUS hopeful gets ringing endorsement

  10. Thursday’s Thoughts

  11. Caledonia’s Calling

  12. 8 Thoughts on Current Attack against Charismatics

  13. Friday morning smile

  14. Campbell Live on the skids, commies squealing like stuck pigs

  15. Six coal fired power stations closed by Obama/ EPA regulations

  16. Eastern European citizens respond to call for national defence training

  17. Casting out demons, Healing by aprons and cloths and  raising the dead. Christianity can be so boring?

  18. Joyful ‘Toons – Transformation

  19. Your Love Broke Through

  20. Quote Of The Day — April 9, 2015

  21. Another Despicable Response from Obama

  22. White House Says Obama ‘Greenest Prez Ever’

  23. Hillary’s Secret Spook – Sid Blumenthal

  24. The War Against Freedom

  25. Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise

  26. When Do We Own Scripture?

  27. Team Obama fires back at court’s accusation of lying misconduct; they messed with the wrong judge

  28. SLAM! Rand Paul crushes Debbie Wasserman Schultz in abortion fight — with her OWN words

  29. Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

  30. Work and paradise

  31. Simplicity

  32. Are you ready for divorce?

  33. U.S. State Dept. Tells Americans Trying to Flee Yemen: ‘Don’t call us, call India”…

  34. Hillary Clinton hires Google executive as head of technology

  35. Panorama

  36. Shifting Sands

  37. Dance Lessons

  38. Dubai

  39. Carbon Credit — reblogged from Level-headed discussion of politics and science

  40. Boston bomber guilty; Obama trades for Gitmo inmates

  41. Why the ten-year period of the Iran “deal” is meaningless

  42. Mark Steyn on Sean Hannity…

  43. State Dept.’s Marie Harf mansplains Kissinger and Shultz’s damning verdict on the Iran deal: “Big words”

  44. When Prophetic Words I bring are for Me too

  45. A German pastor and theologian was executed seventy years ago today for opposing Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

  46. Notice Anything?

  47. The Inconvenient Truth About The California Drought

  48. Angola gets it right!

  49. Yahweh’s grace is sufficient!

  50. You and God in the Morning

  51. The Day Frozen Pudding-Pops Destroyed Boris Yeltsin’s Faith in Communism

  52. how to live Romans 12:2


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. The Walter Scott Shooting Backstory Begins To Surface – A Newer, Bolder, Julison Strategy….

  3. Memories Pizza Reopened To Full House….

  4. State Dept Struggles to Explain Why Iran’s Leaders Rouhani and Ayatollah Claim US is Lying About Deal Facts…

  5. Laughable Bias – Liberal Media Meet At Podesta Home For Pro Clinton Strategy Session…

  6. ‘You’ve got to be kidding’: David Axelrod likes Hillary’s campaign strategy to ‘stress humility’

  7. ‘What … no halo?’ This WH photo of Obama has us ‘laughing too hard to speak’

  8. Marie Harf gets asked if Americans trapped in Yemen should ‘swim’ for safety

  9. ‘OMG, who is naïve?’ Josh Earnest calls McCain ‘naïve,’ ‘reckless’ for taking Ayatollah seriously

  10. Saturday morning smile

  11. Missouri- Voters fight back against “discrimination” laws

  12. “From Time Magazine Article: Changing Your Mind: A New Initiative Wants to Make Mental Health a Priority.”

  13. Messianic Poetry – Rich Loaf

  14. “When Do We Own Scripture” Comment

  15. Husband—Brother ~ SoS Saturday

  16. Burying Old Ideas

  17. Quote Of The Day — April 10, 2015

  18. Thought for Today – Friday, April 10, 2015

  19. White House lying again – really? Say it ain’t so!

  20. Brave Person of the Day: Donny Youngblood

  21. Future President Cruz at the Firing Line

  22. Liberal professor talks about Bradley Manning beheading gays and feminists in an Indiana pizzeria

  23. Christians don’t talk about God 24/7

  24. ISIS Savages Blindfold Gay Man and Stone Him to Death, Vow to Never Serve Pizza to Gay Weddings

  25. Boehner is actually surprised

  26. Ouch, this is gonna hurt

  27. America, Locked Out

  28. Our ways

  29. Life’s colors

  30. Peacekeepers

  31. A grand day out

  32. Colorado Civil Rights Commission: anti-conscience laws can only target Christians

  33. What Happens to People who have Never Heard the Gospel?

  34.  (Video) Obama’s clown-car diplomacy

  35. Why am I so critical of Rand Paul as a potential nominee?

  36. Classy Ben Carson schools CNN host: Let’s talk about Christians and THEIR rights

  37. Hannity guest Leo Terrell walks off set: ‘You quiet down . . .I’m done!’

  38. Friday’s Fiction


  40. is this homosexual crusade more about anti-Christian bigotry than it is about “gay rights?

  41. The Christian Church Is losing Her Integrity

  42. Trust Him– No Matter What Happens

  43. “You Don’t Know What I’ve Done.”

  44. Pumping Up our Outdoor Fun with a Sevylor Fiji Kayak

  45. Report: Sens. McCain and Levin urged IRS to target Tea Party

  46. Resting In HIM Sometimes Means SLEEP

  47. Restoring the Place of the Saints

  48. Japan Defies Obama — Plans On Building 43 Coal Plants

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