My Article Read (4-7-2015)


Men, Newspaper


  1. California Begins Construction of Water Stazi – Ministry for State Water Security Creating Program For Neighbors To Turn-In Other Neighbors….

  2. Saved By A Handler – President Obama Begins Attacking Christians During Prayer Breakfast – Stops, Pauses, Rethinks and Pulls Back….

  3. Must Watch Dancing With The Stars – Noah Galloway & Sharna

  4. On Iran – President Obama Knocks Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker As “Foolish” – Governor Walker Fires Back…

  5. Iran Nuke Deal, No Deal At All – Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink…

  6. You’ll absolutely love Dana Perino’s truth-bomb on why men in D.C. are ‘undateable’

  7. Salon’s Rand Paul freak-out is prime caption contest material

  8. Richard Grenell: Who was the New York Times ‘reporter’ on the scene in Benghazi?

  9. ‘Love it!’ This Rob Lowe response to ‘delusional’ Claire McCaskill is just TOO GOOD (it’s snark-licious!)

  10. On that ‘high horse again’? Pres. Obama criticizes Christians at Easter prayer breakfast

  11. Wednesday morning smile

  12. India not looking like a signer for new global climate treaty

  13. Californian Shower Police- another example of Progressive insanity

  14. 5 reasons evolution might be doomed

  15. 15 questions for evolutionists

  16. Students smeared by Rolling Stone gang rape story speak out

  17. Cuba, how much longer?

  18. Last step

  19. Another call to arrest climate “deniers”

  20. Blown away in global warming

  21. Obama tells shrink his personal feelings

  22. Wooden

  23. Here’s What Happens When It’s Okay To Punish People’s Beliefs

  24. Firm Foundation

  25. Quote Of The Day — April 7, 2015

  26. Top doc: Obamacare ‘death spiral’ already here

  27. Did Harry Reid’s Brother Beat Him Up?

  28. Puerto Ricans approved S.S. disability because they speak Spanish

  29. What Am I Lacking?

  30. A Faith Thought

  31. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.7.15

  32. Where Do The Children Belong?

  33. ALL Single Parents~~Raising Children Alone

  34. in a little while. . .

  35. Resurrection Monday

  36. the joy set before Him

  37. A Letter From The Future

  38. Jo’s Monday walk : Regent’s Canal

  39. I am Praying For Your Success!

  40. Happy birthday to a great American

  41. Spanish Baby Liam & The Californian Bear

  42. Are you willing to spend the next 570 days agonizing over the election?…

  43. Sen. John (McRino) McCain is running for re-election…

  44. Religious things we do like Repent Every Day

  45. Here’s the Truth about Refusing to Serve Gay Marriage

  46. This is evil:

  47. ‘The Mask Slips on the Climate Scam

  48. Majority of Americans want more aggressive deportation

  49. On liberty.


  51. The Lord says: Don’t be a Coward!

  52. Acquiring to Much

  53. What Lines the Shelves of Christy’s Billy Bookcase?

  54. Ezekiel 43 Let them study its plan: the Temple

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