Conquer With Kindness, Raising The Banner


Let Us

Yesterday, I tweeted a link to a post about Ann Coulter speaking out the courage of small town Christians and our Congress and church leaders at Biz Pac Review. I was shocked about how many retweets my tweet got. Usually, my tweets get retweeted once or twice. What was amazing was the people who retweeted my tweet agreed with Ann Coulter. The small town Christians were more courageous than our Congress and Pastors in standing up against the cruelty of a mob. I am adding some state governors to that list.

I found this troubling Christian business owners stood up against the cruelty of a mob but there wasn’t any leaders leading the charge against it. No government leaders. No church leaders. Some of state governors are calling for the heads of  the Christian business owners  and some aren’t doing good at standing up to the hateful mob. People are wanting to see some guts in their leaders, not pansies. I don’t think they grasped the times we are in or they don’t care.

If any of them read this I want to give them an example of a good leader to follow.

The leader I am talking about conquer people with kindness. He was a good Samaritan. Some would say the ultimate good Samaritan. He spoke encouraging words to people and love. He knew compassion. During some troubling times he raised his banner and spoke against wrong. During his time of raising the banner-well-let’s just say he didn’t earn brownie points with them and they became his enemy. This leader knew you can’t always “win friends and influence people”. He protected his father’s home.  The leader I am talking about could discern when to conquer with kindness and to raise his banner. He even gave his life for his fellow man.

Like I said some leaders would know him especially the church leaders. The leader I am talking about is someone a Christian is suppose to follow his example. The leader I am talking about is Jesus.

I am going to end this post with Ecclesiastes 3:1 says  “There is a time  for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”  To America’s state, federal, and church leaders it is time to conquer with kindness, and raise our banner like Jesus. It is time to fight against the evil running amok in our land.




Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them.      Joshua 1:6

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