My Article Read (4-2-2015)


Dog, Newspaper4


  1. 7 Lessons I Learned On Offending People

  2. Watcher’s Council Nominations – April Fool’s Edition

  3. Jesus would have supported RFRA

  4. Why are radical imams like the one who threatened Ayaan Hirsi Ali given taxpayer-funded jobs in prisons?

  5. Lefty account ‘hacked,’ issues threat to rob Memories Pizza of GoFundMe donations

  6. These lib threats to man who launched GoFundMe for Memories Pizza will make your blood boil [screenshots]

  7. ‘Y’all are idiots’: Salon spits out truly twisted take on #MemoriesPizza closing

  8. Ka-POW! Iowahawk nukes WH’s horrifying ‘agreement’ with Iran

  9. ‘Take that fascist freaks’: GoFundMe for Memories Pizza surpasses $100,000 in donations

  10. ‘Real bad bitches’: Meet the two ‘ISIS-inspired’ women from Queens arrested for wanting to bomb a police funeral

  11. HE LIFTS US UP: Half-Truths Versus Lies

  12. Are You Ashamed of the Gospel? Easter 2015

  13. All God’s People: Outstretched Arms

  14. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  15. Must Watch Video – Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Describes “The Deal” – Undercuts Obama/Kerry’s Claims Completely…

  16. Al-Shabaab Conduct Mass Student Slaughter In Kenya – Christians Separated From Hostages, 147 Killed…

  17. Wow – Supporters Raise $180k For Memories Pizza Business Owners Under Leftist Attacks…

  18. President Obama Calls Saudi King Salman Before Rose Garden Announcement Will Call Netanyahu Later, Maybe…


  20. Hollywood gallery

  21. Wacky world of Obama: emphasis is ‘the bomb’

  22. Land of the Left

  23. RFRA, Religious Liberty, Republicans, and Kristallnacht

  24. Written Up

  25. America suffers from tolerance

  26. Elizabeth Warren Waxes Reasonably Shermanesque

  27. Obama’s Nuclear Deal a Victory for Iran

  28. Nothing But the Blood

  29. God Is Sending A Disgusting Flesh Eating Plague On ISIS (Thousands Infected And Spreading Quickly)

  30. Huckabee tells Megyn Kelly: ‘this is going too far’ in Indiana pizza war

  31. Investor’s Business Daily claims Bergdahl rescue was Obama’s phony cover story, according to timeline

  32. US makes worst deal since Hitler said “trust me” to Chamberlain

  33. Isolation… Many Victims Endure

  34. Quote Of The Day — April 2, 2015

  35. Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton

  36. Time To Play “LET’S MAKE A DEAL “.

  37. Consider Jesus

  38. Reflections

  39. Daily Editorial Cartoon 4.2.15

  40. Daily Video 4.2.15

  41. Two Completely Different Days

  42. Scubaba & Ikelite Photographer of the Month

  43. Best wishes for the Easter Break


  45. Iran deal, libtards attacking Christians, and Holy Week: Let’s connect the dots…

  46. Hot Air

  47. Angels are at the Door of America!

  48. Strong Foundations

  49. You are destined to win!

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