My Article Read (3-31-2015) (4-1-2015)


Dog, Newspaper3


  1. De Blasio’s NYC: ‘Coyote’ spotted on the roof of a bar in Queens [photos]

  2. Armed and fabulous NRA women shoot #NRAWhores hashtag full of holes

  3. Hacked again? Labor Dept. economist who claimed Christians vote for Nazis vanishes from Twitter

  4. ‘What bias?’ Digitas Daily busts MSM hacks for peddling Indiana RFRA nonsense

  5. Gov. Pence blasts ‘reckless reporting’ on RFRA law; Pledges to ‘fix’ it

  6. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  7. Progressive Messaging – “Accidents” !

  8. BREAKING REPORT- Video of Germanwings Crash Discovered Amid The Wreckage in Passenger Video SIM Card…

  9. FBI: NSA Intruders Were Just Two Cross-Dressing Crooks Who Took Wrong Turn….

  10. Hillary Clinton Email Reflects Business Mixed With Personal Use On Multiple Devices – (Email pdf included)…

  11. Despicable Him – Harry Reid Justifies Attacking Mitt Romney On Senate Floor: “well, he didn’t win did he”?

  12. Fresh?!

  13. Thoughts on religious liberty laws from last year

  14. HE LIFTS US UP: Beware of the Spoken Word

  15. The New Intolerance

  16. The King ( No Longer) in the Parking Lot

  17. Complications

  18. Wednesday morning smile

  19. Bottom line on UKIP- UK voters are angry over immigration

  20. Apple CEO’s hypocrisy over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

  21. More advertisements from long, long ago

  22. Occupation of hating Israel

  23. What if Iran already has nukes hidden in North Korea?

  24. some pictures of Dubai

  25. Quote Of The Day — March 31, 2015


  27. NOXIOUS RANT : YOU Asked For It.

  28. Featured Photographer: Lynn Wu

  29. Bi-Partisan Warning to Obama on Israel and UN

  30. Tuesday’s Truth

  31. Blog’s news

  32. Moment on the beach

  33. Recall Hillary Clinton remark : ‘Bush looks like he has something to hide’

  34. Tuesday’s Tale

  35. Encounters with Jesus

  36. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.31.15

  37. NBC Sued Over Slanderous Reporting About Gun Company

  38. Onward Christian Soldiers: Brett Felton , Formerly 10th Mountain Division Now Fights ISIS

  39. King Solomon, Journalism, Bias, Hypocrisy – Part 4

  40. Obama’s Nuclear Deal With The Devil

  41. He Paid It All


  43. An open letter to homosexual activists…

  44. Tracking the Media: How much time have networks spent on Indiana Religious Freedom Law vs. Hillary’s secret server wipe?

  45. Facebook secretly tracks users after they have quit?

  46. “Point/counterpoint”

  47. Angels – Watching over each USA State

  48. You are Carrying a Three Generational Mantle



  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Look, Squirrel !! – Senator Bob Menendez Charged Today – Same Day As Critical Iranian Nuclear Talks Peak…

  3. Indiana Pizza Shop Gets Set Up By Local Reporter – Instantaneous National Moonbattery Ensues…..

  4. UPDATE – “GUILTY” – 11 of 12 Atlanta Public School Officials Found GUILTY of Racketeering In Massive Test Cheating Scheme – 21 More Previously Plead Guilty….

  5. God’s Gifts – Part 2

  6. Owners of a small town Indiana pizzeria who will never be asked to cater a gay wedding say they wouldn’t cater a gay wedding, gay social justice warriors predictably respond

  7. Why do atheists care if we think they’re going to Hell?

  8. A world without trouble….??!!!

  9. Quote Of The Day — April 01, 2015

  10. Asshat Alert – Thug Stole Ring Off of Dying Woman

  11. Eric Holder Expanding His Bag of Dirty Tricks

  12. Another nail in the PA AG Kane coffin: Supreme Court rules against Kane

  13. ‘Obscene projection’: This statement from Lois Lerner’s attorney sets off irony alarms

  14. Why did DOJ indict Sen. Menendez, but not Lois Lerner? The answer is simple — and ‘a travesty’

  15. Stick it to Me!

  16. Holy Week Reading List

  17. HE LIFTS US UP: Venomous Words

  18. Sunrise in Hollywood, Florida

  19. Thursday morning smile

  20. Mid week music

  21. In US mainstream television, left loses, right wins

  22. Truth Or Public Opinion.

  23. King’s College choir announces major change

  24. Police officers buy poor family a car seat instead of ticketing them

  25. Wednesday’s Words

  26. Wednesday’s Assurance

  27. Germanwings crash- update

  28. Apple doesn’t like Indiana’s RFRA law but sells iPads in countries where gays are stoned to death

  29. Loneliness

  30. When Will The Rapture Be?


  32. Jerusalem

  33. The Demonic Seduction of the BIG LIE is out to destroy you

  34. Who’ll Stop the REIGN

  35. Francis W. Porretto:

  36. A Thin “RED” Line – A Dream

  37. God’s Fire – Coming to Convict!

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