My Article Read (3-27-2015) (3-28-2015)


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  1. Universal collapse

  2. Not here, not there, not anywhere, nope

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. White House Leak: Iranian President Rouhani Writes Letter To President Obama – White House Will Not Disclose Content….

  5. Report: President Obama Threatens France For Not Supporting Iranian Nuclear Deal…

  6. Jeb Bush on Christian Critics: I’ll do fine with them in the presidential race, what choice do they have…

  7. Harry Reid Announces Will Not Seek Re-election – Selects Chuck Schumer As His Replacement For Minority Leader…

  8. If you accept Jesus and become a Christian, will God make you happy?

  9. How to respond to complaints about Indiana’s new religious freedom law

  10. Fine Friday

  11. Prayer for ChristianBlessings Encouragers

  12. Mandrakes – SoS Saturday

  13. The Bait and Switch

  14. ✞ Music “Pray” by More Than Rubies

  15. Saturday morning smile

  16. Pilot deliberately crashed plane? Right now, I don’t buy it

  17. Free beer

  18. Hollywood’s moments

  19. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.27.15

  20. Safety Nazis Seek To Create New Limits On Playground “Hazards”

  21. Obama Does The Islamist’s Spying For Them , Releases Classified Docs On Israeli Nukes

  22. Hope&Change™ Strikes , Albeit Unintentionally As Israel And Moderate Muslims Leave Obama Behind

  23. ‘Obamath’: Adam Baldwin, others put Obama’s deficit reduction brag into perspective

  24. My Imaginary Political Cartoon

  25. Quote Of The Day — March 27, 2015

  26. BREAKING NEWS: The Co-pilot of the Germanwings Airbus – Convert to Islam

  27. Hildabeast Hit with Racketeering Lawsuit

  28. Young Girl Has a Surprise for Her Would-Be Rapist

  29. Did Scott Walker change his immigration stance again?

  30. Running The Race

  31. Loveliest of trees, the cherry

  32. Pilot Andreas Lubitz was a Muslim Convert says German website

  33. Lies, emotional manipulation, and the most ignorant two and a half minute video ever made

  34. A Still Small Voice

  35. The Single Parent’s Support Group

  36. The Truth About Suicide

  37. Watcher of Weasels – Temper Tantrum Edition

  38. Ghetto Hip Hop Obama: High as a kite in Alabama doing his best shuck and jive routine…

  39. School calls military style haircut extreme…

  40. The Rising Storm and NOT A Word

  41. Fascist homosexual activists


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. He’s Got Us All Locked Out….

  3. His Only Hope – Ted Cruz Raises $2 Million In First Three Days….

  4. ‘Chasing their tails’: #BoycottIndiana introduced to Harry Reid’s likely replacement as Dems’ Senate leader

  5. ‘They sure did’: Sheriff David Clark names who gave license to the ‘war on police’

  6. Soldier: Further punishment of Bowe Bergdahl by United States would be an injustice

  7. ‘Glad you brought up abuses’: Hillary Clinton’s attempt to change the subject fails

  8. Ephemeral

  9. Six word Saturday

  10. The Presence Of God

  11. The Beauty of the Cross

  12. God’s Power

  13. Aperture…

  14. Quote Of The Day — March 28, 2015

  15. Asshat Alert: Nebraska Lawmaker Compares Cops To Terrorists

  16. Boston Herald’s Message to Obama on Bergdahl

  17. Canada: Imam Demands That PM Harper ” Stop Using the Word ‘Jihadist’. “

  18. Hillary ‘Wiped Clean’ Server, Emails Permanently Deleted



  21. Sunday morning smile

  22. IRD obtains personal and trading details of Trade Me users

  23. Is generous Chinese govt aid a front for colonisation of the South Pacific?

  24. A message from CFact

  25. Left evolution is not complete

  26. Sunset

  27. Six words story (3/28/2015)

  28. Happy Caturday

  29. 18 Month Old Toddler … Accused of being a racist

  30. Husband—Brother ~ SoS Saturday

  31. HE LIFTS US UP: Do Nothing… See Nothing… Hear Nothing… and Say Nothing?

  32. Where Do You Find Your HOPE?

  33. Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

  34. Obama’s Iranian Nuclear Deal or Death to Israel and America?

  35. King Solomon, Journalism, Bias, Hypocrisy – Part 3

  36. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.28.15

  37. Strange But True. Bob Dylan prophesied a Christian Revival in San Francisco

  38. And may Obama have as much success in Canada as he did in Israel

  39. Hillary has nothing to hide, and she wiped the email server to prove it

  40. The Birdcage – An Easter Story

  41. How a society becomes depraved…

  42. When a Church Needs to Apologise – A prophetic mandate for Senior Leaders

  43. The night stalker….

  44. It’s time to fight in this Revolution

  45. Judgment fires burning up the wicked

  46. D.C. Whispers: Hillary Clinton’s Secret Meeting With Obama/Jarrett/Rice

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