My Article Read (3-26-2015)


Dog, Newspaper


  1. The Chinese government, getting so sick and tired of Islamic violence, took 13 Muslims and executed all of them in a measure of pure justice. According to one report:

  2. Bowe Bergdahl: 8 Who Died Searching for a Deserter – Where’s Rose Garden Apology

  3. Rejection

  4. He asked for it: Josh Earnest solicits #AskPressSec questions; Citizens deliver

  5. Brutally honest Boston Herald cover, Ari Fleisher zing President Obama on the Bergdahl-Taliban trade

  6. ‘Pretty awful’: Haaretz writer’s joke about NYC explosion doesn’t go over well

  7. Explosion and ‘building collapse’ in Manhattan; ‘Multiple injuries’ reported [photos; Vine]

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. Follow-Up: UVA Student Martese Johnson Appears In Court – Case Continuance Until May 28th….

  10. Team Hillary Threatens NYT Reporter: “We’re Watching You” – As Group Provides List of Words Not Approved By Clinton….

  11. French Prosecutor: Germanwings Flight 9525 Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, Intentionally Flew Plane Into Ground …..

  12. Lunacy in action

  13. Strange benefits become problems

  14. Clinton’s bag man

  15. religion is an “accident of birth” and a mental “virus”

  16. HE LIFTS US UP: A Vision of Abuse Victims

  17. Child of the World – Who is Allah?

  18. Running the Race

  19. The Jumble in the Jungle

  20. Love + horses

  21. Love and the Moscow Derby (act 1).

  22. Photo challenge: Weathered wood

  23. Friday morning smile

  24. Scott Walker revealed as just another open borders Republican?

  25. The MSM- so pathetically afraid to use the C word

  26. He said the time is now…….!

  27. Quote Of The Day — March 26, 2015

  28. Bombing of Yemen Has Begun

  29. Man with concealed carry stops slaughter

  30. Killed in Action Searching For POS Bergdahl

  31. Obama refuses to meet with NATO head

  32. Fresh And New Into His Likeness

  33. For the Moment

  34. American Ingenuity and Winning Friends, Redux

  35. Moalboal: the Sardine Run after the Storm

  36. What’s In Your Alabaster Jar?

  37. MSNBC forced to apologize as bigoted guest slams country music fans

  38. Megyn Kelly hammers State Dept. spox on Obama’s Bergdahl embarrassment

  39. Pro-amnesty Dem booed off stage holding ‘Spanish-only’ town hall

  40. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.26.15

  41. Radio Shack Is Auctioning Off Your Personal Data

  42. NewsMax Releases Their List Of Top Conservative Blogs 2015

  43. Worship God or go to Hell, it’s that simple

  44. Thursday’s Transmitting

  45. Happy birthday to two great poets

  46. The Messenger of the Covenant

  47. Encounters With Jesus | Deep Cries Out.

  48. Multitude

  49. Defending The Indefensible Bowe Bergdahl

  50. The Single Mom’s Club

  51. How Putin could break NATO, or, ready for “Great Northern War II?”

  52. (Video) Andrew Klavan on “Magical Leftist Thinking”

  53. When God Does Romans 8:28

  54. America’s islamist President:

  55. Wake up, Whitey. You’re at war.

  56. Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord

  57. Yahweh is my shepherd!

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