My Article Read (3-25-2015)


Dog, Newspaper, Man


  1. Is a godless world really a world you want to live in?

  2. Why doesn’t God prove his existence?

  3. Dealing with Destructive Urges

  4. Men and Women Objectification

  5. ‘Released five terrorists for a deserter?’ US Army reportedly charging Bowe Bergdahl with desertion

  6. ‘Administration must explain’: Gary Sinise wants answers for disastrous Bergdahl swap

  7. ‘Hit a nerve?!’ Donna Brazile gets dismissive after being shown her own words about Bergdahl

  8. ‘Give this man a trophy’: Did Mark Halperin set the ‘Beltway cliche’ record with this tweet?

  9. Not unarmed then? Cops shoot #NicholasThomas after he allegedly tried to hit them with his Maserati

  10. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  11. “The Iranian Deal Is What We Say It Is” – Obama and Iranian Officials Refuse To Put Deal In Writing…

  12. Yemeni Jihadists Attack Air Base and Presidential Compound – President Flees – Josh Earnest Still Claiming Success….

  13. HE LIFTS US UP: Deception… Think About It

  14. Nuggets – Walk Before Me

  15. Joyful ‘Toons – Steamboat

  16. Dim Sum – Mr Lee Kuan Yew – Racial Discrimination and minority Groups

  17. Time Travel

  18. I am in hospital, and I don’t like it

  19. Bowe Bergdahl deserted, pervert father stalks twins

  20. Krauthammer takes on fake outrage of Israel spying

  21. Quote Of The Day — March 25, 2015

  22. The “Grey Lady”. Lying AGAIN.

  23. Cornell dean says ISIS welcome on campus in undercover video

  24. Ben Shapiro: Hillary Clinton Lies… A Lot

  25. Optimism in America? 2

  26. The Rules

  27. Thursday morning smile

  28. Conquest by womb

  29. What’s going on here? Bald Michelle Obama

  30. Wednesday’s Words

  31. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.25.15

  32. USAF Para-Jumper Seeks Help Finding Girl He Saved During Katrina

  33. Victim Turns Tables On Would-Be Rapist , Drags Him To Police Station By His Hair

  34. Cronyism: Google Execs Visit White House Weekly

  35. 100,000 Federal Employees Owe A Combined Total Of $1.4 Billion In Back Taxes

  36. Official White House florist ‘quits,’ gets lawyer; Michelle Obama blamed for scandal

  37. Advocacy for death

  38. Are You Ready for More Victories in Your Life?

  39. God Has Made You to Be A Force to Reckon With

  40. King Solomon, Journalism, Bias, Hypocrisy – Part 2

  41. A Beautiful Thing

  42. Financial Abuse… Takes on Many Forms

  43. Leftovers

  44. Who am I tonight?

  45. A Photo a Week Challenge: Dead Center

  46. My cup runneth over with guilt

  47. Obama’s Jihad against Israel and America

  48. Flashback: Obama celebrated trading five Taliban commanders for Bergdahl at White House with Bergdahl’s parents

  49. Britain Surrenders

  50. Color us amazed……

  51. You will laugh at your enemies

  52. Beloved . . .

  53. Goals…Realistic or NOT

  54. Hump-Day Humor

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