My Article Read (3-23-2015)


Chipmunk, Newspaper2


  1. The Adversary

  2. ‘Sick of crap like this’: ThinkProgress argues Ted Cruz is ‘anti-woman,’ fails miserably

  3. ‘Ready for your white tears’: ‘Black Brunch’ protesters annoy diners in Atlanta [videos] #BlackBrunchATL

  4. White House reaction to Ayatollah’s ‘death to America’ is ‘beyond parody’

  5. ‘Just got serious’: Iowahawk drops a bomb on Twitter over @SteveSGoddard suspension

  6. Pitiful: Hey Josh Earnest, is Yemen still an Obama anti-terror ‘success story’?

  7. SCOTUS Upholds Wisconsin’s Photo Voter ID Law – Listen Up Oklahoma!

  8. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  9. Beware The Obama – Final Stages Of Fundamental Change….

  10. Charlottesville Police Chief Debunks U-VA Rape Case – In The Most Politically Correct Way Possible (Presser Video)…

  11. Busted Fibbing Again – Hillary’s Email Lies Fall On Clintonian Definitions of “Vast Majority”….

  12. Monochrome Monday: Singapore’s Chinatown

  13. The man, the moment: “Draft Biden” is on

  14. A Must Read!

  15. When you are faced with the impossible…….!

  16. Dim Sum – Tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew and my response

  17. HE LIFTS US UP: The Children of a Narcissist

  18. 7 Reasons Knowing God’s Forgiveness Transforms Prayer

  19. Let God Direct Your Attitude Into Blessing!

  20. All in the Family…

  21. ‘Military Working Cat’ project derailed by intriguing empty box

  22. The Obama anti-Israel agenda

  23. How atheism led brother of noted atheist to back to Christianity, a great atheist philosopher who can’t deny God, and cracks in the atheist edifice

  24. God Abhors

  25. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.23.15

  26. Obama Heavily Invested Taxpayer Dollars In Attempt To Defeat Netanyahu

  27. Which Civil War General Are You ? Take The Quiz

  28. Tuesday morning smile

  29. Death of a warrior

  30. Ted Cruz – Already sending shivers down the left’s spines

  31. Quote Of The Day — March 23, 2015

  32. Thought For Today – March 23, 2015

  33. Ted Cruz Says He is Running for President

  34. The Barbarians Within Our Gates

  35. ‘An embarrassment to women’; State Dept.’s Harf cries sexism — and the scorn pours in

  36. Black brunch protesters stunned as angry diners fight back, push them out

  37. Sharing happiness

  38. CIA Brennan ‘ISIS is on the run’ and other stupid things he has said

  39. Monday’s Missive

  40. We Won’t Be Shaken!

  41. The Spirit Prevails

  42. The plot of the enemy revealed

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