My Article Read (3-21-2015)


Chipmunk, Newspaper


  1. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.21.15

  2. Fueled By Supermoon & Eclipse , Europe Experiences The “Tide Of The Century”

  3. Alice Springs Mom Charged After Using Her Baby As A Club During Street Fight

  4. Whole latte mockery: Bill Kristol has an issue to work through and knows just where to go

  5. It takes just ONE question to brutally shame Starbucks and its latest racist move

  6. WH pool journo tweets photo of Starbucks drink; Can you guess what happened next? (You’ll giggle)

  7. How backwards has the system become? This explains how crazy things have gotten

  8. ‘The leisure president’: What was Obama doing while US special ops evacuated from ‘success story’ Yemen?

  9. Running From the Race

  10. To Speak…or Not To Speak

  11. The Lord \Weighs The Heart

  12. Sunday morning smile

  13. Where ISIS supporters tweet from

  14. France’s socialist govt stops car use in Paris.

  15. Speak up, if you are a Leftocrat or theocrat ruler

  16. Mandatory voting….bring it on Obama

  17. Letter from Tehran….with love or not

  18. Pleasant Fruit ~ SoS Saturday

  19. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  20. Democrats Implode: Lame Defenses and the Pothole King! | PJTV

  21. Starbucks Handout Promoting “Race Together”

  22. Disparate Impact Meets DMV Regulatory and Compliance Road Signs….

  23. US Spec Ops Evacuating Yemen, Obama Speaking from Fantasy Island Called Yemen His Success

  24. Jewish Voice for Peace and Race Baiters Interrupt Auschwitz Liberation Recognition


  26. The absurdity of something from nothing when nothing is full of stuff, or something

  27. Happy Caturday

  28. Today’s feel-good story

  29. The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup

  30. King Solomon, Journalism, Bias, Hypocrisy    

  31. Bloody horror at New Orleans airport: Man attacks TSA agents with machete

  32. Man tears down neighbor’s Swastika display: ‘Time for Americans to not be complacent’

  33. Sunday respite: Bach’s ‘If thou but suffer God to guide thee’

  34. Quote Of The Day — March 21, 2015

  35. Thought for Today – March 21, 2015

  36. Trey Gowdy Demands Hillary’s Server

  37. The Faith of The Centurion

  38. The Great Gentleman

  39. Prayer for each Encourager

  40. (Video) Remember “Hands up, don’t shoot?” It was a lie, and the media ran with it

  41. There’s money for “refugees” and Maori, though…

  42. The cowardly soul of American leaders.

  43. Through Yeshua . . .

  44. Putting Your Mouth on A FAST


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