My Article Read (3-19-2015) (3-20-2015)


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  1. Faith Child – Four Blood Moons and Me

  2. The Adversary

  3. ‘BEASTMODE’: John McCain wallops Dick Durbin over shameful ‘back of the bus’ remark

  4. ‘#StopLynch’: Rand Paul, NRA say it’s not too late to stop Loretta Lynch’s AG nomination

  5. America hating rapper calls Wayne Dupree a ‘house n*gger’; gets broomed

  6. ‘Hmm’: Did Obama pay Bibi the ‘most back-handed compliment ever’?

  7. ‘Wow is right’: Stephen Hayes shows how Obama makes excuses for enemies and punishes allies

  8. Stephen A. Smith gets praised and called an ‘Uncle Tom’ for saying blacks should vote GOP in just one election

  9. In My Fairy Tale…

  10. Was Hillary Clinton Running An “Off The Books” Intelligence Operation Through Sidney Blumenthal?….

  11. Why Obama is Making Hillary Lose

  12. And They’re Off – CNN Grabs The Flag To Advance The Ridiculous Martese Johnson Narrative…

  13. Report: Bergdahl Defense Team Being Pressured By Obama Administration To Take A “Plea Deal”…

  14. Indistinguishable

  15. The First Gasoline Tax: Less Than Romantic (Oregon: 1919) – Master Resource

  16. Step into Spring and Kick Away Those Winter Blues!

  17. A Beautiful Mutant Art Tree

  18. Hillary’s Email “TOTALLY” Hacked By Foreign Governments – Hillary Going Rogue, Using Dark Arts?

  19. Friday morning smile

  20. Bill Clinton- 16 year old Alyssa Gilmore claims he is her father

  21. Polyfest and Red Cross, what humbug

  22. Simon Bridges- Safer journeys an attempt to head Winston off at the pass.

  23. Eleven days…….

  24. What can Winston Churchill teach us about deterring aggression?

  25. Was Jesus resurrected?

  26. 7 Reasons Knowing Christ as Daily Bread Transforms Prayer

  27. A bench for all seasons

  28. Quote Of The Day — March 19, 2014

  29. Get Rid of State Marriage Licenses

  30. Boko Haram takes hit in northern Nigeria

  31. House Passes Bill Targeting EPA’s “Weird Science”

  32. Coral Day, A Dream to Restore Bangka Island

  33. A Place To Be

  34. Judge Not

  35. Netanyahu Wins … Obama Pouts

  36. Bill Whittle and Trifecta: Hillary’s Contempt…

  37. The height of etiquette: Michelle Obama towers over Japanese emperor as she stumbles in silver stilettos while attempting awkward curtsey

  38. A New Order is the Old Order

  39. Why are our taxes supporting these a-holes??

  40. Will YOU choose Drought?

  41. Woe to the “Judges” who issue Unrighteousness

  42. He will not finish his term…

  43. The heavens declare . . .

  44. Today’s Word Is “Taste and See

  45. Screwed-Up People Who Really Screwed-Up Their Face:


  1. Christians preach facts, not what we like, what we understand, or what we personally find helpful

  2. Biological non-change is an obvious fact

  3. Watch these hipsters shamelessly lie about liking bands that don’t exist

  4. Faithful Person

  5. ‘#MarchMadness’ downer: Elizabeth Warren gets advice about how to lessen burden of student loans

  6. ‘Out of your freakin’ mind!’ Check out what shameful State Dept.’s up to today

  7. Outgoing WH staffer receives souvenir photo featuring Obama (guess what was so funny)

  8. ‘How does this guy have a job?’ Harry Reid spox just imploded before our very eyes!

  9. ‘Selfie stick unavailable?’ DNC welcomes first day of spring the only way they know how [photo]

  10. Two Wonderful Things..

  11. Passion Expressed Through Ministry – SoS Saturday

  12. Happiness

  13. Anna Akhmatova (introduction)

  14. Jobs Alone Aren’t The Answer

  15. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.20.15

  16. FTC Accuses Google Of Manipulating Search Results To Favor Own Businesses

  17. Jade Helm 15 … A Summer Of Martial Law Preparations In 7 Western States

  18. Drone Home Delivery Gets Closer: FAA Grants Amazon 1st “Experimental Airworthiness Certificate”

  19. Obama creates video praising Ayatollah Khamenei

  20. Saturday morning smile

  21. Latest poll again shows strategic error of Key’s rejection of Conservative Party

  22. 38% of Indian student visas are fraudulent

  23. Australia- $90 million in welfare props up Radio Rentals business model

  24. Hey Sam- here’s what I think of your “race relations day”

  25. Chemical Birth Control? Hell no!

  26. An Immortal Face

  27. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  28. She Is “The Most Secretive Woman In The World”…

  29. The Media Lie: “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot

  30. President Obama and Secretary Kerry Close to Deal With Iran – Substance: Nukes OK., Just Wait for Us To Leave Office…

  31. Sgt. Derrick Miller: Serving Life for Protecting His Men – Help Free Derrick Miller

  32. Death to Israel Facebook Page

  33. Did You Know You Are God’s Masterpiece?

  34. Past is prologue with Hillary

  35. Hillary’s fun tour preempts her listening tour

  36. Happy vernal equinox

  37. Young Russian immigrant starts a one-woman crusade to WAKE UP America

  38. Friday’s Fiction

  39. Quote Of The Day — March 20, 2015


  41. (Video) In which Marco Rubio tac-nukes Obama

  42. America On The Road Perdition

  43. Okay, I’ll bite. Let’s talk about Starbucks and race…

  44. Via Breitbart:

  45. ‘Britain’s former race commissar repents’

  46. Be angry and do not sin!

  47. The Old Mind~ Set ~MUST GO

  48. Spring Fever ?

  49. Humagate Might Top ALL Hillary Scandals- and That’s Saying Somethin’

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