My Article Read (3-18-2015)


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  1. Thursday morning smile

  2. Obama’s promise of transparent govt was just another weak lie

  3. Winston tearing National apart in Northland

  4. FrackNation exposes the truth Gareth Hughes, Joshua Fox and other frauds don’t want you to know

  5. Joyful ‘Toons – Gardener

  6. Dim Sum – Prayer for Encouragers on ChristianBlessings

  7. Precious and Few

  8. ‘Beyond belief’: Thought Hillary email scandal couldn’t get worse? Boy, were you wrong!

  9. ‘Too busy pouting’? Josh Earnest: Kerry — not Obama — called to congratulate Bibi

  10. ‘True class’: Mitt Romney graciously schools Obama in congratulating Bibi

  11. Doctor recommends

  12. Being ordinary.

  13. A Photo a Week Challenge: Brighten Up Your Day

  14. Ignore At Your Own Peril

  15. GOP Candidates: When Have You Stood and Fought? 15 Questions to Ask

  16. Voter Fraud Via Social Security ID – Alien Power Rising, Citizen Power Disappearing

  17. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  18. BUSTED: Ferguson Shooter Jeffrey Williams Caught on Video In Fight Shortly Before Shooting Police….

  19. Netanyahu Wins – Official Vote Tallies Not Even Close to Media Reported Exit Polling – A Resounding Victory For Benjamin Netanyahu…

  20. President Stompy Feet Didn’t Want To Congratulate Netanyahu on Election – Told Secretary Kerry To Call…

  21. The Soccer Ball and Teddy Bear Provider Says He’s Frustrated About GOP Position on Illegal Aliens and Obamacare…

  22. The Islamic Infiltration of our Government

  23. Associated Press: Obama Administration Sets Record For Censoring / Hiding Government Information….

  24. Just Dandy

  25. Brian Williams enlists to prove you were all wrong about him

  26. Quote Of The Day — March 18, 2015

  27. !! ~ Bibi Wins ~ !!

  28. Gee, What Took Him So Long ?

  29. BP Agents Punished for Reporting Large Groups of Illegals

  30. Hillary Clinton never signed separation form that required her to turn over all e-mails

  31. Blood In the Sheets

  32. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.18.15

  33. Don’t Believe The State Is Out Of Control ? EPA Wants To Regulate Your BBQ Grilling Habits

  34. Brett Kimberlin lawsuit against Mandy Nagy dismissed

  35. Starbucks’ ‘Race Together’ roll out was a complete disaster

  36. Believe It

  37. Chuck Norris ‘Please vote for Prime Minister Netanyahu!’

  38. Wednesday’s Write-up

  39. Many Want To Give Up

  40. Oh, Ye Of Little Faith


  42. Bibi Netanyahu Won While The Obama Administration’ Scandals Backfired. Obama The Haman Lost. Yahweh Is Great.

  43. An Israeli Arab Tells Netanyahu Haters “Screw You. I Love Netanyahu And Vote For Him”

  44. What the hell is Michelle Obama wearing as she arrives in Japan?…

  45. Downtown Minneapolis St. Patrick’s Day Chaos: “Young people, Teens, Youth, Young Adults, Young Individuals”…

  46. Ted Cruz: Congratulations to Prime Minister Netanyahu…


  48. Obama in trouble??

  49. The “community organizer” is unhappy…

  50. That’s what I call a moth!

  51. Out of Death, will come Life

  52. Strong Warning to USA System of Government

  53. D.C. WHISPERS: Clinton Machine Bracing For Pay To Play Scandal

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