My Article Read (3-16-2015) (3-17-2015)


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  1. Monochrome Monday: Torres de Serranos

  2. Muslim Attacks Two Churches Killing And Horrifically Wounding Eighty Five Christians.

  3. CIA Director John Brennan says ISIS Islamic jihadists aren’t Muslims, they are “psychopathic thugs”

  4. Tuesday morning smile

  5. Al Gore, liar and alleged sexual assault offender, wants politicians who reject his doctrine “punished”

  6. Funny thing, race riots, looting and destruction of property reduce home values

  7. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  8. March MATHness!

  9. Ex-FBI Official: Eric Holder Intentionally “Eclipsed” Darren Wilson’s Exoneration…

  10. “27 Seconds”! – The Jeffrey L Williams Criminal Complaint Destroys Self Defense Claim – “knowingly shot a firearm from a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am”…

  11. Bethany Hamilton Dirks Surfer Champion Survived Shark Attack – Pregnant Video

  12. Hillary’s Staff ALL Have HIGHEST LEVEL Top Secret Credentials?

  13. HE LIFTS US UP: The Innocent and Naive… Are Who These Narcissist Prey

  14. ‘Outstanding propaganda’! Valerie Jarrett touts Obama’s ‘uniquely American recovery’

  15. ‘The Logan Act doesn’t apply’: Chuck Norris endorses Netanyahu

  16. ‘How ’bout them emails!’ Hillary lobs #WarOnWomen squirrel at congressional GOP

  17. ‘How’s that working out?’ @TheDemocrats really shouldn’t be tooting this horn [photo]

  18. Prince Ea: Living To Work? Or Working To Live?

  19. Muslim student wants to censor showing of “American Sniper” on campus

  20. Be of Strength and Courage

  21. Libertarian Nationalism

  22. Branco Cartoon – Fruit Loop Foreign Policy

  23. Obama’s Iran deal imperiled by… Democrats?

  24. Sweet Little Flower Petal

  25. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.16.15

  26. Facebook Offers New Post Removal Policies: No Boobs Or Butts , Yet Beheadings Are OK ?

  27. ACLU Files Suit Against President Drone Ranger’s “Kill List”

  28. Saddam’s Tomb Destroyed As Iraqi Army Pushes ISIS Out Of Tikrit

  29. Hollywood Star Attacks Obama and Praises Israeli Prime Minister!

  30. Photos from distance

  31. For women only

  32. Another six words story + more unaware people

  33. New: Hillary doll hits market

  34. Do the Dowd shuffle, it’s all the rage

  35. The Boss Speaks

  36. ‘A toddler in the White House’: Obama’s mean-spirited act at Gridiron dinner ignites media scorn

  37. Quote Of The Day — March 16, 2015

  38. The Toronto Burqa Murder: The True Story

  39. Ferguson Shooter Arrested, Was Firing at Someone Else

  40. Jo’s Monday walk : Just boats!

  41. Explore the Elements

  42. #RaiseTheWage – In which Seattle Leftists gets a needed lesson in economics

  43. Noted international photographer tells a story to the world

  44. Pinoy nurse trains expats how to save life

  45. Influential community leader serves as guiding star to his compatriots

  46. Travel industry expert rises beyond the call of duty

  47. Are faith and science mutually exclusive?

  48. Evolution is a religion

  49. The Most Respectable Sinner

  50. Monday’s Missive

  51. Harry Reid before: ‘No sane country would reward illegal aliens’


  53. One Week and Counting

  54. Deception~~A “Second Language”

  55. The longest relationship I’ve had…

  56. Help needed.

  57. You will be Restored!

  58. You – the chosen . . .

  59. Restoration…You can be Restored


  1. How absurd is the Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign? THIS absurd (the ridicule will crack you up)

  2. Roseanne supports Netanyahu over Obama-Kerry ‘devastation’

  3. FAIL! Some people notice something curiously missing from Starbucks ‘Race Together’ campaign photo

  4. Hey, Starbucks, how about you discuss THIS? This zinger sums up the absurdity [photo]

  5. Media reports on United passenger shouting ‘Jihad! Jihad!’; Gets called Islamophobic

  6. » Nowadays, chastity is the ultimate rebellion

  7. Wednesday morning smile

  8. Study confirms media’s widespread pro-Obama bias

  9. 15 year old boy arrested by UK police for “racist” tweet

  10. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  11. Quote Of The Day — March 17, 2015

  12. Our Flag… Our Country

  13. Iran and Hezbollah Removed from List of Terrorist Threats

  14. White House Office Exempts Itself from FOIA Regs

  15. Don’t let unmet needs block you from performing your obligations to God

  16. Did Eric Holder’s hate speech incite violence against Ferguson cops?

  17. He’s Got Wandering Eyes

  18. Report: State Dept “Apparently No Record” Of Hillary Signing Separation Agreement For Official Document Compliance…

  19. *UPDATE* – Representative Aaron Schock Resigns After New Questions About Mileage Expenses…

  20. Israeli Election Results Thread – Updates Throughout Afternoon…

  21. Proposition

  22. Just a moment

  23. I am not Irish

  24. Hawk Eye II Pilotur Watch Winner

  25. It’s the agenda, stupid

  26. Foggy Bottom’s lesson in taqiyya

  27. “Let’s talk about race!” – your Starbucks barista

  28. Hillary’s little home server used a spam filtering service with access to classified stuff

  29. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.17.15

  30. Change: Many Federal Agencies Receive “F”s On Transparency Report Cards

  31. NRA to US school administrators: Better remove ALL Obama portraits from walls!

  32. Arab Israeli Muslim, Ahmed Tibi, Hopes Netanyahu Continues to Panic

  33. Israeli-Arabs Increasingly Recognize Israel’s Right to Exist, & Identify as Israeli Arabs – Not Palestinians

  34. If

  35. Abortions – Not just for women

  36. What makes Christianity different?

  37. Expectations

  38. How Dry Ground Speaks To Me

  39. God Adopted Us

  40. Luke 2:52 (Royal Rangers)

  41. Bigotry

  42. Filipino Professional Group: Helping Filipinos uplift their career

  43. First Filipino Structural Engineer in Dubai returns the favor

  44. 51% now think Hillary’s private email server is a serious problem…

  45. Praying for Bibi…

  46. ‘The Left now sounds just like the Islamist Right’

  47. Greater is HE . . .

  48. The National Archives “lives in fear” of the White House

  49. Good News: Obama’s “Amnesty” Could Cost Up To $484 Million A Year

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