My Article Read (3-12-2015) (3-13-2015)


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  1. Hysterical lefties melt down over Logan Act, mockery ensues

  2. ‘Cops got shot’: Media reminded what doesn’t qualify as ‘peaceful protest’

  3. ‘Really pathetic’: Obama gets backlash for tweeted reaction to shooting of officers in Ferguson

  4. Is this photo of an 8-day-old baby wrapped in the U.S. flag offensive? Tell us what you think…

  5. ‘The serpent resurfaces’: Hillary shields up! James Carville joins forces with MMFA

  6. Explore The Four Elements in Indonesia

  7. 6 Reasons Knowing God as Father Transforms Prayer

  8. HE LIFTS US UP: Abuse and My God Who Rescued Me

  9. Friends

  10. Blog’s news

  11. Raindrops

  12. Cupcakes in a Tornado

  13. Kamala Harris for president? @JimGeraghty is trying to scare me to death.

  14. Musical Interlude: Wayne Shorter, “Adam’s Apple”

  15. Watchers of Weasels Nominations – Delete to the Beat Edition

  16. U.S. reaches “full under-employment”

  17. Today’s feel-good story

  18. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  19. State Dept Internal Investigation Report: 1 Billion Emails Created, Only 61,000 Actually Saved/Archived As Official Documents….

  20. Do #BlackLivesMatter Really ? – “Marcus was a kindergartner at Highland Elementary in the Riverview Gardens School District”…

  21. FCC Net Neutrality “ObamaNet” Rules Finally Released (313 page pdf)

  22. Ferguson “Ambush” – Saint Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar Gives Update – While Police Search For Suspects…

  23. Why do liberals constantly talk about sexism, racism, homophobia and so on?

  24. Friday morning smile

  25. Kiwiblog comes out against state ownership

  26. How the US Justice Dept spies from the sky

  27. National- we’re here to make you pay more

  28. Perth- Call for mandatory high visibility clothing for cyclists

  29. Powell the judge of all things Republican

  30. Hillary, we have a problem: multiple problems

  31. That’s Crazy

  32. Father questions if #BlackLivesMatter after son killed by DREAMer

  33. Memories

  34. Quote Of The Day — March 12, 2015

  35. Alternate Media. Doing What Mainstream Media REFUSES To Do

  36. Boston Bomber’s Handwritten Note Inside the Boat

  37. Update: The Court Should Be Secular — Heads Shouldn’t

  38. Holding What is Heard

  39. ‘Strokes at the WH’: Kerry blurts truth about Obama’s Iran deal not being ‘legally binding’

  40. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.12.15

  41. The Savagery Of Urban Youth On Display: Brooklyn Kids Beat Girl In McDonalds As Crowds Cheer Them On

  42. American’s Lack Of Faith In The State & Statist Media Continues To Reach Record Lows

  43. Lil Wayne SWATted

  44. Kerry and his Iranian in-law relatives. Could he be black mailed?

  45. Israel Creates Twitter Technology!

  46. Tiny Seeds of Faith

  47. Bonhoeffer’s Solution to The Problem of Pain: reblog from With All I Am

  48. You’d keep your mouth shut if you knew what was good for ya buddy.

  49. Ferguson: A solution…

  50. The Birth of a Revolution: How Long Until the Newly Elected Black Power Structure in Ferguson Raids the Ferguson Pension Plan?

  51. The Answer Hit Me Like a .44 Slug

  52. Unlikely: Rand Paul claims to have signed open letter to Iran to “strengthen the president’s hand”

  53. Poll: 79 percent of Republicans say Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a “strong” leader

  54. Tommy Hicks, an evangelist, was used by the Lord in the great Argentine Revival. God gave him a vision in 1961

  55. Something Smells in Ferguson

  56. Democracy? Try arrogant, naked threat:

  57. Turn Off… says the Lord

  58. Oh, that Men Would Give Thanks!

  59. Iranian Hardliner Finds Common Cause With Obama – Blasts Republicans, Insults Netanyahu

  60. Those ~careless~ words we speak and later regret



  1. Friday’s fiction

  2. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.13.15

  3. Hillary’s Popularity Starts To Slide

  4. Gallup: Majority Of Americans Polled List Government As Biggest Problem

  5. Investigative Reporter Uncovers Extensive Surveillance Program At Colorado Post Offices

  6. Knock Off The Loser Talk.

  7. British Conservatism

  8. Ted Cruz says Gay Marriage Rulings are a “Danger to our Liberty”

  9. VERY subtle! The Hill advised to use fear-mongering climate change photo ‘for every story’

  10. Breaking science news form The Nation: ‘Men have abortions’ too!

  11. Could Hillary Clinton be sent to prison because of her secret e-mail server?

  12. Kingdom of Madness: North Korea’s “village of the dwarfs”

  13. Dried Out and Desiccated

  14. Nurturing a Pastor’s Heart – SoS Saturday

  15. 7 Reasons Knowing God as the King Transforms Prayer

  16. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  17. DC Matic – The Government Email Server You Keep At The House….

  18. MSM Continues Trying Desperately To Protect Ferguson Protestors From Their Role In Shooting Police…

  19. Friday the Thirteenth (Part one)

  20. Live Life Awake

  21. Saturday morning smile

  22. Nigel Farage- You don’t have to agree with him to like him

  23. Ted Cruz tells NASA to focus on space and leave AGW out of it

  24. Bill English talking nonsense on flag change referenda

  25. Posting Problems! 😦

  26. Earthly Goods Deceive The Human Heart

  27. Birds of a feather

  28. If Georges Seurat had been born a century later

  29. Obama is king of the non-scandal

  30. A new season, a new diagnosis

  31. Quote Of The Day — March 13, 2015

  32. Even Democrats Seem Leery of Iran/ISIS

  33. Oops Can You Say Pants on Fire

  34. Thought for Today – March 13, 2015

  35. Arizona Fighting Back

  36. Hannity interview with stubborn Ferguson protester disintegrates quickly

  37. Stepping Stones to Success

  38. Kerry tells Congress to go to heck. Will he take ‘agreement’ to the U.N.?

  39. Filipino Organizations in the Emirates 

  40. FilCom Al Ain Organization: Fulfillment in serving Filipinos

  41. Pinoy trains expats to earn decent livelihood

  42. A Fathers Love

  43. Veterans: Building, Renovating Facilities Warranted, But Corruption? Sloth?

  44. Positive Warm Fuzzy Friendship Quotes

  45. Emptiness

  46. Things Could Be Worse


  48. Watch this atheist say Hitler wasn’t necessarily wrong

  49. Islamic State (ISIS) defector explains why all the hostages appear to be so calm right before they are beheaded

  50. Obama to Kimmel: Protesters had some “very legitimate grievances”…

  51. Robert Blackburn “When The Dark One Hides” . . .

  52. A Light Shines in Dark Places

  53. Is there anyone as stupid as this man on the planet??

  54. Charles Neuhoff – When someone is on the outside looking in, the picture looks TOTALLY different than it does to those on the inside

  55. Theft.

  56. We also should walk in newness of life!

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