My Article Read (3-11-2015)


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  1. Did Republican senators do anything wrong by writing a letter to Iran’s leaders?

  2. Hillary Clinton deleted 32,000 e-mails, refuses to turn over her home-based server

  3. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  4. Planet Fitness Faces Backlash – Women Dropping Membership in Droves Due To Ridiculous “Gender Identity Policy”….

  5. Associated Press Files Lawsuit Against U.S. State Department For Hidden Clinton Emails….

  6. Secretary John Kerry: “We are not negotiating a legally binding agreement with Iran”…

  7. This Gov. Bobby Jindal smack tweet to Hillary Clinton on Iran letter is the truth-boomiest we’ve seen!

  8. ‘Liberal Straw Grasping 101’: WH deputy press secretary fails at ‘running interference for Hillary’

  9. Senator Tom Cotton: Defender of truth, justice … and kittens [pic]

  10. This tweet from former Rep. Cynthia McKinney praising anti-Semite comedian will make your blood boil

  11. This one old photo of Sarah Palin nails the ridiculousness of Hillary’s two-devices excuse

  12. ‘Hillary Clinton, email your office’: Is the AP ‘now part of the vast right-wing conspiracy’?

  13. Love In Ten Lines

  14. Quote Of The Day — March 11, 2015

  15. Senator Cruz Adds to His Staff

  16. Illegal Immigrant Raped a 10-Year-Old Girl

  17. Welcome to USA’s First Accredited Muslim College

  18. What Grace Means To Me..

  19. HE LIFTS US UP: The Healing Has Begun

  20. Joyful ‘Toons – Enter in

  21. Jesus didn’t talk about lightning or Tupperware lids so, meh He wasn’t that special

  22. Is Jesus God?

  23. King Solomon on Hillary Clinton’s Wisdom

  24. Thursday morning smile

  25. I can hammer in a damn nail, and so can Winston

  26. Virtue must replace moral relativism

  27. Don’t like the MSM- try The Rebel

  28. Marine Life in Orange

  29. ‘I’m taking on the establishment, and they hate me for it’

  30. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.11.15

  31. NY Times , Of All Places , Debunks Myth Of Obama As “Mr Nice Guy”

  32. Quick-Thinking Kids Save Baby Brother From Kidnapper

  33. Colors

  34. Megyn Kelly visibly in awe of black student’s response to racist frat video

  35. Clinton: ‘The server will remain private because I decreed it’

  36. Facing Fears

  37. Wednesday’s Words

  38. TRUTH in Brokenness

  39. A Talk With A Secular Humanist

  40. Mark 15:34 (Abandoned)

  41. Hillary settles emailgate

  42. Amusing: Senate Democrats now filibustering Loretta Lynch AG nomination…

  43. A Prophetic Warning regarding Recent IHOP Article

  44. Federal oppression and intimidation of True the Vote.

  45. Pursue peace with all people!

  46. Watcher’s Council Nominations – ‘Delete To The Beat’ Edition

  47. The Mountain Behind Hillary’s Email Molehill – And a Prescient 2008 Warning From Christopher Hitchens (Video)

  48. Forgiveness: When you forgive but they won’t let you forget

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