My Article Read (3-9-2015) (3-10-2015)


Baby, Newspaper2


  1. Cheryl Mills Hillary Clinton: What We Mustn’t Forget About Benghazi

  2. Clinton Hacked Emails Point to Saudis Funding Benghazi Attack – What About Muslim Brotherhood?

  3. ‘Wait till Obama finds out’! Josh Earnest: Actually, Obama ‘did trade emails’ with Hillary

  4. ‘Really want to go there?’ NYU journalism prof’s media defense is laughable

  5. ‘This is a joke, right?’ Nobody’s buying this email explanation from Clinton paid liar Lanny Davis

  6. How Damaging Is Hillary’s Deceptive Email Scandal ? – Judging By Response From James Carville and Lanny Davis, DEVASTATING….

  7. Parents Outraged With Oregon School Punishment of 6-year-old For Being Late…

  8. Sarah Palin Shames Hillary Clinton Into Press Conference To Explain Email Issues…

  9. Popular New York City School Teacher Charged With…..

  10. Supreme Court Rules Against ObamaCare HHS Mandate In Notre Dame Religious Exemption Case…

  11. Numbers 11:23 (Has My Arm Lost Its Power)

  12. Tuesday morning smile

  13. Woman only police stations suggested

  14. New poll shows FOX News is most trusted broadcaster in US.

  15. Perth (WA) drops light rail in favour of buses

  16. Stunning Pictures Taken at Constance Hotels in Mauritius

  17. Virology

  18. Hillary ushers in Clinton 3.0

  19. Face time

  20. You’ve Got Mail meets Downfall

  21. Planet Fitness expels woman for judging transsexual man in women’s locker room

  22. What Makes Your Life Rich and Without Regret

  23. Quote Of The Day — March 9, 2015

  24. THIS Has To Be A Relief.

  25. Medical Emergency Highlites Child Marriage

  26. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.9.15

  27. German Marxist Ivana Hoffman Is Third Western Volunteer To Die Fighting ISIS

  28. Aussie PM Abbott To UN: Don’t Lecture Us On Refugees

  29. Oh, my: Obama and Hillary regularly exchanged emails

  30. Choose This Day

  31. Be Not Silent

  32. Amazing: The Arab World Hates Obama And Are Telling Obama To Obey The Israeli Jew Benjamin Netanyahu

  33. The One Who Murdered Boris Nemtsov Was Not Putin, But Devout Muslims

  34.  Monday’s Missive

  35. Eric Holder use private email for ‘Fast and Furious’?

  36. Jo’s Monday walk : Farms of Cacela

  37. “Song for Mama”~~ For All Mothers

  38. Anger

  39. The only post you need to read about Hillary’s emails…

  40. Homemade fresh Italian sausage…

  41. Hillary Clinton and the Emails of Doom

  42. Turn or Die

  43. Oh, beautiful!

  44. “Bullshit” is too kind a word

  45. Sigh…….

  46. Delayed but not denied!

  47. Let the redeemed of the Lord SAY SO!

  48. Forum: Is the Republican Party Dead? Can It Be Saved?


  1. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  2. Federal Judge Calls Obama Administration Back To Court To Explain Deception In Executive Amnesty…

  3. What Oversight at State ?

  4. Hillary’s mountain of problems

  5. Of Vaccines, Marriage, Prayer, Money and Church

  6. Structural

  7. HE LIFTS US UP: The “Weight” of Abuse

  8. Wednesday morning smile

  9. Tony Abbott closes remote aboriginal communities, another back down coming soon?

  10. ‘How is that not treason?’ ‘Anchorman’ director Adam McKay’s hot take on GOP Iran letter

  11. New tone? What this Dem Rep just called Iraq war vet Sen. Tom Cotton will make you fume

  12. Hey, Dems! If you’re angry about the GOP letter to Iran, what about Ted Kennedy dealing with the Soviets?

  13. ‘This convenience line is baloney’: Armed Services Committee spokesman posts epic Hillary takedown

  14. Veterans: Robin Paul Receives Salary of $80K + Bonus, But Mocks Vet Suicide

  15. Had I

  16. Just Flower Power

  17. Tolerance?

  18. MSNBC’s Harris-Perry links ‘Bloody Sunday’ memorial march to abortion; MLK’s niece not buying it

  19. ‘Holy Hell!’ Rumors that Fla. governor banned term ‘climate change’ send shockwaves!

  20. Recall how the Democrats undercut Bush’s Syrian policy?

  21. Respectfully disagreeing: the Republican letter on Iran was proper and needed

  22. We’re going down the tubes America

  23. How Do I Love Thee?

  24. Quote Of The Day — March 10, 2015

  25. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.10.15

  26. A Birthday Wish…

  27. A Woman

  28. Light

  29. A Rebellion On The Horizon

  30. Hillary: No, you can’t look at my server…

  31. Free lunch Flicker…

  32. Just when you thought you had heard everything, Hillary unleashes another whopper.

  33. Yaaaaawn…………

  34. Air strikes against Russian backed separatists fighting in Ukraine now being contemplated

  35. No Heather – That Isn’t ‘Romance’

  36. And Yahweh shall supply all your need . . .

  37. Next to God is Cleanliness, Is NOT Scriptural Folks

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