My Article Read (3-6-2015) (3-7-2015)


Men, Newspaper


  1. TGIF Toons

  2. 10 Ways to Deal with Distracting Teammates

  3. Correction

  4. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.6.15

  5. Yemeni Boys Cage And Set 10 Year-Old Friend Ablaze In Imitation Of ISIS

  6. ‘Scraping the bottom’: Obama’s NSC pounded for pushing Netanyahu-bashing article by ‘serial plagiarist’

  7. Kick-ass schooling: Larry Elder has HAD IT with this actor’s foul ‘black conservatives’ remarks

  8. ‘Amazing timing’: DOJ reportedly set to charge Sen. Bob Menendez with corruption

  9. 5 Day Photo Challenge: When the Wind Blows

  10. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  11. McNaughton’s Latest Work – “Obama’s Foreign Policy”…

  12. BREAKING – Feds To Charge New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez With Criminal Corruption …

  13. Celebrating Grievance In Obama’s Most-Racial America – A Weekend of Donut Holes…

  14. Selma 1965

  15. HE LIFTS US UP: Poem: A Mother’s Heart

  16. …but in humility…

  17. He Desires Me! – SoS Saturday


  19. Are Traditional African Weddings Demonic and Unchristian?

  20. Virginia: 280K SQ FT Compound, 3K Jobs for Illegal Amnesty: Rent $65K Monthly

  21. Mort Zuckerman: Obama Unable to be Straight with Himself or America on Iran – Misleading

  22. Never embarrass Vladimir Putin

  23. As Hillary turns… the latest

  24. Search for Clinton emails with MoBro

  25. Global HR expert dances to the tune of excellence

  26. Filipina is longest serving nurse in Al Zahra Hospital

  27. Earthlings Adventures: Protecting the nature the Filipino way 

  28. Friday’ Fiction

  29. Does it get any more politically incorrect than this?

  30. Arab pundit unites with Israel’s Netanyahu; calls Obama ‘one of the worst American presidents’

  31. Floridians fight back against impending and massive government land grab

  32. Quote Of The Day — March 6, 2015

  33. Thought for Today – March 6, 2015

  34. How Will YOU Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election?

  35. Bold in Battle

  36. Chances Never Taken

  37. National Day of Unplugging

  38. Saturday morning smile

  39. Whaleoil mods blocked my first comment in years- heart breaking

  40. The only climate change chart you’ll ever need to see

  41. Looking out at the Red Sea…..

  42. The Path of Knowledge ~ a Morning Rant.

  43. Quotes about ignorance

  44. White stranger

  45. Self-advertising

  46. Black and White 5 day Challenge- Day 3

  47. Waiting…

  48. NUMBERS 6:24-26 (Bless Me)

  49. Hillary’s emails (tempest in a teapot), and Obama’s attack on “racist” police departments…

  50. Remnant Confirmation Word

  51. Repent . . .

  52. What Did I Tell You?: Valerie Jarrett Offered Chance to Defend Hillary Clinton, Declines


  1. The Palm and Cedar tree

  2. 13 Days to Glory!

  3. Slurring Sectarianism: Sunni-Shi‘i Discourse in Lebanon

  4. Books I Read This Week

  5. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.7.15

  6. RINO Boehner Finds His Greatest Allies Across The Aisle

  7. Once Again , It’s Time To Raise The Debt “Limit” … Nothing Will Change With The Republicrats In Charge

  8. Lockheed Martin’s ATHENA Can Destroy A Truck From A Mile Away … So Can A Barrett


  10. DOJ to bring corruption charges against powerful Democrat Obama critic; some smell payback

  11. Obama threatens city of Ferguson: Do what Justice Dept. says or get sued

  12. Hear what happens when an unhinged liberal recognizes James O’Keefe in a Florida parking lot

  13. If you eat breakfast, you’re probably a racist


  15. Sunday morning smile

  16. National Front to become France’s largest political party

  17. National Review writer Charles Cooke: Selma was as important a moment in US history as Yorktown

  18. ‘Apocalyptically dangerous’: Actress Janine Turner fighting President Obama’s dealings with Iran

  19. ‘Loud noise’ and fire near White House trigger lock down [photos]

  20. You Have to Die To Live

  21. HE LIFTS US UP: A Mother’s Poem

  22. Quote Of The Day — March 7, 2015

  23. Egyptian FGM Lawyer Raises Battle Cry for Gender Equality

  24. Can We Keep Our Republic?

  25. Happy Caturday

  26. The science is settled

  27. For immature audiences only

  28. Jeff Sessions to EPA Chief: Stunning – Doesn’t Know if EPA Projections are Right or Wrong

  29. And So, Why is John Boehner Still Speaker?

  30. Mahmoudberg: Jihadist Camp Near Sweeny, Texas – Islamberg: Jihadist Camp Near Hancock, New York

  31. 19-Year-Old Black Male, Tony Robinson, Shot By Police Officer In Madison Wisconsin – Black Lives Matter and F**k The Police Protestors Rush to Scene….

  32. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  33. Boston High School Dean, Reverend and Anti-Gun Activist, Arrested For Dealing Drugs and Shooting Student Dealer In Head “Execution Style”….

  34. Passion Expressed Through Ministry – SoS Saturday

  35. Obama and the Jihadis: Blind Hatred Meets Self-Hatred Meets Alienation

  36. Concert

  37. In paradise (six words story)

  38. Walking (six words story)

  39. Obama fires Man first because of Hamas ties, rehired for bigger job

  40. King Solomon’s Upright Woman Test, Part 2

  41. Six word Saturday

  42. For Better or Worse

  43. Psalm 50:23 (Thank You)

  44. From Hotel Receptionist to Senior Sales Manager

  45. Youth leader builds characters, makes a difference

  46. Forest for the Trees

  47. Special Surprise PURIM Dance: “RAISE YOUR GLASS”

  48. Our Time Is Coming

  49. Confirmed: John Boehner is now the Democrats choice for Speaker…

  50. Bill Whittle: The Leader of the Free World…

  51. Maybe it might be a good idea to see what people are thinking about and start talking about that in Church. Maybe a few folks would show up?? Ya Think??

  52. Boehner:Now with more treason

  53. Protected? Where is your Faith?

  54. . . . the bread of life!

  55. Saturday Movie Matinee: The Leader of the Free World

  56. Learning to Appreciate Oneself

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