My Article Read (3-4-2015)


Squirrel, Newspaper


  1. Hump-Day Humor

  2. Ice on the River

  3. Each morning he’ll pull on sturdy work clothes and boots

  4. Freedom 20 (Demi- Semi Final)

  5. How to Find Your Great Contribution

  6. Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

  7. Officer Darren Wilson Will NOT Face Federal Civil Rights Charges – Full Ferguson DOJ Finding Report Included (pdf)

  8. Minority Democrat Extremists Defy 70% of Americans – Keystone Veto Override Blocked By 37 “Domestic Terrorists”…

  9. The truth behind God’s plan for you.

  10. Status Quo: Tens of Thousands of 3-Year Eligibility Permits & Full Amnesty Awarded to DREAMERS

  11. ISIS Mosul Feeds Chopped Up Son to Mother Searching For Him

  12. HE LIFTS US UP: My Journey… From Brokenness to Whole

  13. Joyful ‘Toons – Caterpillar

  14. Pray for Christian Blessings in Pakistan

  15. Thursday morning smile

  16. Massive slide in Radio NZ ratings

  17. What’s The Best Way To Make A Connection?

  18. The Anointing

  19. Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m the most transparent person in public life

  20. Little Things Pleasing Little Minds

  21. The Difference Between Men And Women’s Brains

  22. Paul, Are You Kidding Me?

  23. Be the Change

  24. Quote Of The Day — March 4, 2015

  25. What If Putin Didn’t Have Nemtsov Killed?

  26. ‘Moving on’: Nick Searcy sends a costly message to the RNC [photo]

  27. Ouch! So, Mitt Romney just flogged Obama over #Netanyahu speech with THIS crushing truth-boom

  28. Two reasons why Hillary had the secret email account. Choose one.

  29. Run, Al, run!!!

  30. Possibilities

  31. Daily Editorial Cartoon 3.4.15

  32. Royal Marine Becomes Second Western “Martyr” To Die Fighting ISIS In Syria

  33. Life triumphs!

  34. The 75 Republicans who voted to fund Obama’s amnesty: Remember these names

  35. Wednesday’s Words

  36. Judging Others Makes Us Blind

  37. Black and White 5 day Challenge- Day 1

  38. ‘All actions depend upon intentions’

  39. Words are Cheap

  40. Wild Bill: What he had to say before Netanyahu’s speech…


  42. Real Talk About Israel Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu Speech to Congress


  44. Be sober-minded!

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